Thursday, April 9, 2009

My Latest PickUps!!!!!

These are my latest pickups of the last 2 weeks! Im so excited that my collection is almost done!!! Its unbelievable that I found these!!! I cried when I got the Concords and Cement 4s!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

5 Foreign Cars That You've Probably Never Seen Before

I was watching "Traitor" starring Don Cheadle yesterday and in one of the scenes, I saw a car that I'd never seen before. After the movie wrapped up, I jumped onto my computer to find out what it was I'd seen. A quick search informed me that it was a Citroen C6 I had seen. I was then inspired to check more sites of auto makers from around the world to discover cars I don't know about.

Below are 5 cars that you may not have ever seen. No particular order.

2009 Opel Vivaro

2009 Mitsuoka Himiko

2009 Citroen C6

2009 Fiat Nuovo Doblo

2009 Honda Crossroad