Friday, January 18, 2013

Fev - 'Return Flight'

The devil is in the details. It has to sound right, look right and feel right. From those 3 key points, there are many branches as well. The total of them defines an artist and how that artist is received by the public. This is why so many capable artists miss the mark in one way or another. You miss a key detail and it doesn't work.

East Harlem representative Fev obsesses over the details. The public has known about his full length project 'Propaganda' for over 2 years but we've only been privy to bits and pieces of what's to come. 'Return Flight' is the latest look in the direction of 'Propaganda.' 8 tracks of new material clearly packed for brevity as only 3 of the tracks meet or exceed 3 minutes.

Though the run time is under 30 minutes, it's filled to the brim with Fev's attitude and flair. He's decidedly Harlem, well in control and DETAILED. He's better prepared and more refined than ever before for those who've been listening. For those new to his sound, he's going to be brash and exciting. "M.I.L.E." and "Pull Up" are two of the best examples of this.

The project is very well done for 98% of the play through. I really enjoy Fev's cadence and his ability to seamlessly hop between street and radio records. 'Return Flight' is definitely worth a download so hit the jump below and get it!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Royce Castro - "Picture Me Coastin"

Team Chello in the building! (virtually anyway) Royce Castro is back on the airwaves with "Picture Me Coastin." Hopping back and forth between New Jersey and Atlanta, Royce has been working hard on completing and promoting 'The Gil Cobain Hendrix Xperience EP.' While the project hasn't been made available online yet, we have a track to vibe to until it is.

"Picture Me Coastin" is another dope display of Royce's rhyme style. It definitely carries heavier influence from his time spent in Atlanta but it's still signature Royce Castro music.

Check out the stream and free download...

MaG - 'freedom.'

The simplest way for me to approach this is to say this; This is a really beautiful project.

I've been following MaG's music for just over a year now. The title track from this project was the first I ever heard from him and I was very much impressed with his sound. So impressed that I went to hear him live a few months later.

Here we are at the top of 2013 and the full project is finally out in the universe. 'freedom.' is really fine work. The overall tone is a somber one but it's full of energy. It's very clear that this was a well thought out product. The lyrics are highly conceptual and the music is full but not intrusive.

MaG reminds me of Gil Scott-Heron in ways. He's very poetic so fans of lyricism will really appreciate this project. See for yourself...

Full stream below.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Bueller Da Don - "Love Games" feat. Mike-O

I've heard it's "cuffin' season." Sooo... that would sort of explain this more pensive romantic side of Bueller Da Don. I mean... timing is everything, right?

I kid.

One of my favorite indie artists working right now is just getting more creative, more daring and more confident with each release. This new single, "Love Games" is no different. It's dramatic and airy. Keeping in line with the last release, "Groundhog Day."

Every smoothed out crossover record needs an R&B crooner and Bueller signs on newcomer Mike-O for the job. Mike-O delivers and adds a perfect hook and harmonies to the song. Nothing overdone but definitely showing genuine ability. I'd definitely be interested to hear him deliver a full performance.

Check out the video and stream, it will have you singing the hook in no time.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Vanessa Elisha - "Blur"

I'm amazed at how music permeates the soul. It spreads from place to place and culture to culture taking on different shapes and sounds. I've listened to a lot of music in my lifetime and there is so much more to hear and explore. It's always a great feeling when something sneaks up on me from a place I didn't expect.

This is the case with "Blur" from Australian singer/songwriter Vanessa Elisha. Yes, AUSTRALIA! Listen, I know that everything is everywhere for the most part but still... The R&B game is like this in Aussie land?

Vanessa reminds me of Tynisha Keli who made her biggest splash in Japan singing songs seemingly tailor made for the US. I hope she makes the transition to stateside appeal. This girl is pretty damn dope and "Blur" is very current material. The production is spot on too. This is an instant download and burn to CD!

Stream/rip and video teaser below...

JF Brooks - "36 Hours" feat. Ghostwridah

A lot of people say they want it. They really believe they do. Though many believe it in their minds, they don't prove it with action. You see, it takes more than tweeting inspirational quotes and posting the "How Bad Do You Want It?" video on facebook.

JF Brooks says he wants it. He really believes it. He also proves it with action.

"36 Hours" is a sneak peak into the mind of a man with no plan B. He rhymes, "And my eyelids feeling heavier than my thighs is. My back cracks and my phone rings; that's my kids. Been in the booth so long, forgot where I live." Damn. That's work!

To add extra potency he enlists Miami MC Ghostwridah, who had a big 2012 full of critically acclaimed music. The two pair beautifully over the hypnotizing SpaceFace produced track. Lyrics are back in a big way and JF Brooks is bringing a fleet of them. Get into the free stream and download below...