Friday, January 13, 2012

Tia London - "Thinking 'Bout It" Music Video Premiere

Tia London is back with her second video from the critically acclaimed 'Love Junkie' album. Man, does she turn the heat up in this one! Sporting her signature hair style in a new blonde color, she drops smoky eyed and breathy bedroom vocals over another stellar Traxster production. "Thinking 'Bout It" is more than a follow up to "Nothing On You." This video is a one up.

If labels have any doubt whether Tia is ready for the big time or not, this video should dispel any such doubt. It's highly polished, radio ready and SEXY! Tia is proving that she can do anything she wants. Uptempo, downtempo, vocal, verbal ... you name it she's got it.

Breaking right here on is "Thinking 'Bout It." Pay attention. Tia's a pretty big deal.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Malynda Hale - "Borrowed Time"

What a pleasant surprise Malynda Hale is! When I opened the e-mail that contained Malynda's info, I had no idea what a treat I was in for. This So-Cal born singer has a mighty bright future ahead of her. After the first track I heard I thought, "She's dope. Different." After the second song I was talking to her manager. Sooo.... expect to see an interview with Ms. Hale late March.

For instant gratification's sake, check out "Borrowed Time" from her upcoming full-length release 'The Train Ride Home.'  On this mid-tempo Pop tune the singer tells a story of a girl who's feeling like she's only a second best replacement for an ex-girlfriend. It's fantastic songwriting by Lena Leon and Shawn Lopes and a great vocal performance from Malynda.

Check the stream below and definitely keep this artist in your mental Rolodex. We'll get into the detail of who she is in March. Stay tuned....

Correction: "Borrowed Time" is a demo song and will NOT be featured on the album.


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Bishop - 'Roses. Are. Red.' EP

The story of how I discovered this artist would make you chuckle. I'm not telling you the story though. Just know that I heard of him in passing, decided to check him out and really enjoyed what I heard. The 3 song EP 'Roses. Are. Red' was released in October of last year ... so yeah ... I'm late as all hell to the punch.

In any case, Bishop is relevant. Over 3 songs he gives us 3 different looks. On the lead off, "Poison Ivy Too", we get the indie rapper flavor du jour. The DJ Corbett produced track sounds like it came from a Curren$y session. This is all Bishop though. He even makes that very clear on the follow up track, "This is Me", where he shows he can hold a tune just as well as he can rhyme. I know what you're thinking! It's not Drake-In-A-Box. It actually sounds like Bishop might have penned the song for 50 Cent. He even sounds like 50 on the hook. I would like to have a heard a stronger 3rd offering though. "Rated eX" is on point lyrically but doesn't sound as polished as the first two tracks.

Bishop is producing some good music. I'm glad I decided to give him a listen. His flow is solid and lyricism is respectable. I'm definitely interested to hear more from him. What do I know though? You be the judge. Check the stream/free download below and let me know what you think in the comments.

Note: A 4th song, "Flight Delayed" was added after the post was live.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Niko Villamor - "Gratitude for Gratuity" feat. B. Rossi

I like what Niko Villamor is up to. I really enjoyed 'Inertia.' Well, it's still in my car actually. I was listening to it last night on my way back from Brooklyn. Anyway, this is the first new track to drop since the album's release. In it, Villa cautions those who would otherwise confuse "Gratitude for Gratuity."

This is a very different look from what listeners experienced on 'Inertia.' Where 'Inertia' was, "Here's my story. It's kinda sad. I'm not sad though." this song is more, "F you! Pay me." Featured on the track is B. Rossi, from Atlanta, who produced the track and supplied the extra verse. I gotta say, I love the unexpected melodic progression on this. You got that one off, Homie! All in all a dope track. Check the audio and free download below.

Niko Villamor - "Gratitude For Gratuity" feat. B. Rossi by RoxFontaine

Planet Asia - "Golden State"

"Everybahdy wuz Kun-Fooo Fye-teeeng!" Sorry. I couldn't resist.

You can't talk underground and West coast without talking about Planet Asia. For the last 15 years he's been a staple in underground Hip-Hop. Moving from indie labels to majors and back again, he's now set to release his biggest project to date. 'Black Belt Theatre' will hit stores on the last day of February. The album is absolutely loaded with old school players to new school fools. To go through the entire list of guest spots would overwhelm this post so I'm not doing it. To name a few: Talib Kweli, Raekwon and Camp Lo are some reps for the old and Paul Wall, Fashawn and Torae hold it down for the new.

This fresh leak from the project titled "Golden State" just went public and it's a great look into what to expect from the full project. Obviously, the theme is Kung-Fu and Blaxploitation films. Planet Asia says, "I wanted to make the album like a movie - something you would see in a theater. That's why it has so many features. All the guests feel like different characters in the movie."

Free from the constraints of stuffy suits and deadlines at major labels he was able to produce the project exactly as he envisioned it. "Golden State" is a blaring 70s soul sample fit for a thorough Afro-power-leather-jacket-epic-mustache-ass-kicking-fest. Dirtydiggs handles the production on the track and 9 others on the album for a total 50% of the production load. Sweet deal.

Check the audio and check for PA on the web at the links below.

Planet Asia - "Golden State" by RoxFontaine