Thursday, February 9, 2012

Cocoa Sarai - 'The Black & White'

Cocoa Sarai is a rock star. Bold. Fearless. Not just a recording artist but a true performing artist.

I couldn't quite put my finger on that up until a few weeks ago when Cocoa's manager made that distinction for me. I co-sponsored her album release party with Rocawear and Vibe Vixen and the night was aptly titled "The Cocoa Sarai Experience." You see, to know Cocoa is to experience Cocoa is to fall madly in love with Cocoa.

Her sophomore release 'The Black & White' is her middle finger to naysayers. Now more mature, more experienced and more creative, she has proven with this album that she can do anything she wants to do.

This album is nothing short of incredible! From the in-your-face intro, "The Black & White", to the power ballad "Live" at the album's close, Cocoa Sarai masterfully displays her fantastic songwriting abilities and jaw dropping vocal ability. Her tone and timbre will give you goosebumps.

The first single "Raining in my Room" was only scratching the surface of the depth and bredth of Cocoa's artistry. I won't get into a track by track synopsis of the album but works like"Memories 4 Suckers" and "One Second 2 Love" featuring triple threat Rich Lowe (rapper/singer/producer) will absolutely blow you away. "Live" and "Raining in my Room" tug at your heartstrings. The reworking of SWV's "Anything" featuring Fred the Godson, "Delete You" and "Criminal" cover the radio ready set. I thoroughly expect "Black & Blue" to be the breakout single though.

Cocoa and her production team did a phenomenal job on this project. They really captured the dynamics of Cocoa Sarai's talent and delivered a product that rivals anything in Pop and R&B right now. DEFINITELY spend the money for this album! You won't regret it. I expect this album to clean up at the next Underground Music Awards.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Reggiimental - "Like You" Music Video

image via artist's facebook page

This nice little gem was dropped on me yesterday. A special delivery all the way from the UK. Reggiimental is totally new to me but I'm digging the Euro spin on the classic Boom Bap sound.

"Like You" is a love like letter to a lady that the artist has his eyes and heart set on. Very smooth and soulful production by Wizard and straight and honest lyricism from Reggiimental. Definitely appreciating Rusty Jay for putting me on to this one.

Check the video below and free download and stream below that.

Mikkey Halsted - "Money Making Mikkey"

Game on!

The internet was flooded a few weeks ago with news that Chicago's Mikkey Halsted had teamed up with legendary producers Traxster and No I.D. for his forthcoming 'The Force' album. You can expect that project to be sick as far as production goes, but will Mikkey Halsted be the breakout artist the two producers expect him to be? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, we have the first full leak from the album called "Money Making Mikkey." This one was handled by Traxster and it KNOCKS something stupid! As expected, Mikkey laid bars on this joint like Pawngo did to Wes Welker. 900 lbs. heavy.

I'm definitely looking forward to the full project. Of course, stay tuned to as more develops. Check the audio below...

Money Making Mikkey (Produced By The Legendary Traxster) by thelegendarytraxster

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Illmaculate - "Rapper of the Year"

It's extremely dangerous to use Hippie Sabotage & Chase Moore production. I repeat ... it is extremely dangerous to use Hippie Sabotage & Chase Moore production. If an MC is not careful, the production can upstage everything else. The plus is that the California based producers are very selective in whom they work with. So if they cosign you, you're probably pretty damn sick with the rhyme.

Illmaculate is just that. No pun intended.

Fresh off of a tour of Europe and Australia, Illmaculate drops off the lead single "Rapper of the Year" well ahead of the release date of his debut LP 'Skrill Talk'; dropping April 17th. He's bringing some heavyweight features along for the show as well. Looking at the cover above, you can clearly see who they are. "Rapper of the Year" may sound like a baseless rapper boast but Illmaculate has some serious credentials under his belt. Try 2x World Rap Championship winner and youngest winner ever of Ohio's Scribble Jam Freestyle Rap Competition on for size.

Check the audio below and see what all the fuss is about...

Cash Sinatra - "Never Have I Ever"

This joint right here got lost in my inbox for a while. I'm glad I stumbled upon it again. I dropped the ball on this guy! It's a shame too because I like this young fellow.

It's obvious where the inspiration for this Triad Beatz production came from but Cash Sinatra is pretty dope. He's got all the right tools to get to the next level and I'm hoping he has the right team around him to help.

On "Never Have I Ever" Cash flexes his skill with wordplay and punchlines. The kick off to the second verse made me snap to and really start paying attention. Sure enough, Cash Sinatra is puttin' down tight work. Check the audio below of the single from 'Scenic Route 1.5.'

Monday, February 6, 2012

Willy Moon - "Yeah Yeah"

I'm not going to even try to explain Willy Moon to you. I'm guaranteed to get it wrong. There is not another artist alive like him. I do know that he can't be sane. How do I know that? Well, it's simple really. This is the most insane music I've heard in the last decade. Willy Moon came out of nowhere and is occupying rare air space that only Janelle Monae may have clearance for.

This new track, "Yeah Yeah" dropped on twitter earlier today and I just ... I wanna cuss like a sailor and throw something. This track is STOOPET! I mean ... come on ... this is some ol' Buddy Holly x Wu-Tang x Kanye West x Nas x WHATTHEMOTHER****!? Epic music from an epic individual. This is without a doubt a game changer.

Wait until the US catches on to this.

Soope - "MLK" Music Video

The visual you are about to witness is awe inspiring. I've been singing Soope's praises since I first heard him and he proves yet again with "MLK" that he is one of the most prolific independent artists working right now. The pairing of Soope and Director Nick Brazinsky is as dynamic a duo as any producer/rapper duo you can think of. The way Nick takes ideas and fleshes them out to compliment Soope's lyrics never ceases to amaze me. They work on a wavelength that takes the music to another level. If beats and rhymes are two dimensional, then Nick Brazinsky takes it to the third.

It's very rare that I feel so much from a rap song. I've grown with the culture and I've pretty much heard it all. Then come these rare moments where a true artist delivers an entirely singular experience. Soope has done that with "MLK."

This is power, prestige and presence. The difference between men and boys. It's a level of awareness that can only be gained through living and experiencing life through a deeper understanding. This could very well be the official sendoff of Soope's ship of success.

I am so proud to present to you the "MLK" video and the future of Hip-Hop. Mee-Meep!

Planet Asia - "Golden State" Music Video

Sweet! We have the first video on deck from the upcoming 'Black Belt Theatre' project. As one would expect, it's got classic Blaxploitation flair with 35mm effects mixed in with the latest crisp HD look. The single broke at the top of January and I was wondering when we'd see a video. Well, here it is...

Salute to Planet Asia on this one.