Saturday, October 1, 2011

L.O.C.K. - "Krazy" Audio

I smell corpses. Limp MC carcasses left and right. Smoldering microphones and burning booths. Beat bomb residue on buildings. This is molotov music!

L.O.C.K. is a problem. He's an infidel rebelling against those who believe in weak rhymes and pop disguised as Hip-Hop over techno beats. He's armed to the teeth with weaponry and skilled beyond human norms. MCs would be "Krazy" to test him. Get ready...

Krazy by L.O.C.K by L.O.C.K

Friday, September 30, 2011

David Rush - "Quiet Down"

New music from XBMG artist David Rush dedicated to the momentous occasion of his first son's birth. Rushia's is an incredible story on his own and now he's added a new chapter to the book. To celebrate with fans, he released "Quiet Down" produced by Pointblank.

Welcome to the world, Maddex!

David Rush - "Quiet Down" by RoxFontaine

I Love Fridays pt. 3

Thank you for your continued support!

Oneida - Blakeslee, PA

 Yuka - Queens, NY

Marie - Carteret, NJ

Ran - New York, NY

Franny - Queens, NY

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Royce Castro - "So Many Scenes"

Fresh new music from the Lawnside lovechild Royce Castro titled, "So Many Scenes". This is an EARLY leak from The Gil Cobain Hendrix Experience. Umpire Entertainment's poster boy is releasing the project sometime in the very near future and the anticipation level is high. Royce has been making the rounds on the web as well as radio stations. Trust me when I say this MC is going to, seemingly, come out of nowhere.

Royce is piling on a ton of pressure with his discs title. Calling on the spirits of some of the greatest musicians popular music has ever known might seem like a counter productive move for an up and coming artist. On the flip side of the same coin, it may be a self realization and aspiration that Hip-Hop could really use right now. Time will tell where this young MC goes. I'll be on board for the entire ride.

Check out this exclusive and let me know what you think in the comments.

  Royce Castro - "Don't Call Me a Dreamer" by RoxFontaine

YC the Cynic - "Hello, Newman!"

I still have 'Fall FWD' in my car. Fact. Disc 5. YC is one of my favorite indy artists right now. The dude is slick with the words and his delivery is just crazy. He's a true standout in a sea full of copycat fish. "Hello, Newman!" hit the web today and it's standard YC fare. That's a great thing because YC sets a very high standard with every release.

This track was recorded for his upcoming GNK project but didn't make the cut. If this is the "throw away" music then YC must be sittin' on some epic music! I, for one, can not wait for January to swing around. I expect GNK to be everything YC said it would be on 'Fall FWDs' "Please Stay Tuned." Listen up and let me know what you think in the comments.

  Hello, Newman! by YC The Cynic

Random Axe - "Chewbacca" Music Video

I don't do Star Wars but how can you not like Chewbacca? As further proof that "Chewy" is a down creature, we get this exclusive video footage of the hairy beast making his way to a Random Axe show.

Random Axe is available in stores now from Duck Down recordings.