Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hippie Sabotage - "Riding Solo" Instrumental Music Video

The west coast production duo (sometimes trio) known as Hippie Sabotage has consistently kept it fresh and original. Not only with their sound, but also with their promotion. Not content to just throw their work out there to sit in a pool of unknowns waiting for something to happen, they've taken a much more creative approach.

In addition to releasing now 4 instrumental albums, they have a signature visual element that accompanies their work. The latest showcase of their artistic vision is "Riding Solo" a very well done music video starring model Giza Lagarce. The production is top notch as usual. Heavy 808 drums and 303 snares drive the groove behind an eerie screwed Njomza sample. The joint knocks so crazy... it's ridiculous.

Hit that play button...

Exclusive: Fev - "Bad Man's World" Music Video

The industry doesn't want you to hear Fev. It's too dangerous. If ever y'all stop diddy boppin' and twerkin', you might actually have a thought. You might have a thought that turns into action. That action might be rebellion. The "powers that be" can't have that so they keep the content focused on telling you that you're a minority in every sense of the word.

Fev has made it his personal mission to give you thoughts. He has his own brand of propaganda delivered as beats and rhymes instead of cleverly designed posters and quotes. His latest propaganda is the music video for "Bad Man's World" which he co-directs with Porter Vision. The thought here is, "What is good in a bad man's world?"

The Eastside Harlem MC's aggressive and staccato flow is perfect for dishing out the raw lyricism he has mastered over the last 4 years. "Bad Man's World" is a fantastic concept that plays beautifully in rhyme and in video form. The High Enterprise representative Red Inf sets the tone in the opening scene and his brief commentary throughout does a great job of carrying the narrative forward.

I love what Fev is up to and I'm super excited for y'all to see this joint! So hop to it....

Moronika - "Make It Ash" Ep. 1 (The Coddett Project) Music Video

This is a departure from what you normally see here on the site, but change is good. If I decide to bring you something here you KNOW it's good.

Breaking on the webseries scene is newcomer Kerry Coddett with her sketch comedy collection that will tackle pranks, parodies and more. The show is appropriately called The Coddett Project. There are currently 2 episode 1s available on the site but, obviously, I'll be sticking to the music based joints.

The first up is Moronika and her "Make It Ash" music video. The fictional character, which may or may not be loosely based on a real life female rapper, has so much money to burn that she doesn't make it rain on heads... she makes it ASH! Even her dress is made out of money. Ballllllliiiiiin'!

Have fun with this joint! It's a great start to start your Wednesday. Look for new episodes every Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KasFlow - "Frozen Food Section" feat. M. Wise Music Video

Newcomer KasFlow first caught my attention with his music video for "Run 'Em Up" a few weeks ago. I don't remember where I saw it but I do remember it. I also remember "Mosquitos." Both joints show a clearly defined young artist with a style and delivery that is almost 20 years old but brand new again.

Kas' latest release "Frozen Food Section" continues the trend of  90s inspired, jazz sample laced, smooth flow tracks. While it all sounds laid back and easy, it's actually well thought out and intricate rhyming. KasFlow's ability is advanced and his ear is in another time and place. It's really dope to see an artist truly enjoying the music he's creating. Nothing is just for show. Every lyric is spit with conviction and the energy is transcendent.

"Frozen Food Section" is strong material. Check the video below and zone out...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Shane Eli - "Die Alone" Music Video

This will without a doubt be the best 4 minutes of your Monday. Meet Shane Eli. Cali based MC, producer, and songwriter among other things. While the other things are important to his backstory, for now, just sit with this new track and music video "Die Alone."

"Die Alone" is a truly standout work. The songwriting is fantastic, the groove is perfect, Jason Caesar is spot on on the hook and the video treatment and execution... flawless. Shane Eli is a shocker and I'm mad that I'm just learning about his music.

Embryo put together a gripping cinematic experience for the song that tells the story of a chance million dollar windfall, deception and murder. The track is pulled from the upcoming release 'Enough Love' which as of right now has no street date. (In the meantime check out previous releases here.)

You will LOVE this joint...