Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DeLon - "Pretty Girls"

This track comes by way of Los Angeles based rapper and producer DeLon. "Pretty Girls" is a grab from his upcoming album '1st Gen.' The title '1st Gen' refers to his first generation Sri Lankan American heritage.

DeLon has already had some major successes in his career but is looking to make a stronger stamp here in the US. While he's a relative unknown here, he's had 4 songs chart in Sri Lanka. Very impressive.

"Pretty Girls" is a fun track. It's radio ready groove and John Legend-esque hook are super catchy. I was singing along by the second chorus. DeLon does a solid job on the verses. It's all high energy and neat wordplay. Nothing spectacular but clean. I just really enjoy the overall feel of the track. It's put together exceptionally well.

Check out the free stream and download below...