Thursday, March 7, 2013

Madison - "As the World Turns" Music Video

Fresh out of the frying pan we have the first music video from's Indie Album of the Year, Vanilla Sky. While pretty much any of the tracks from the project could make a great video, "As the World Turns" get the first crack at a visual treatment.

The video does a great job of complimenting the dark and brooding mood of the song. The song itself is one of my favorite tracks from the album. I really enjoy the direct nature of the lyricism and the honesty in the expression. Madison has a sound and delivery all his own that is backed up by genuine artistic vision. To be able to write is one thing, but to write, see and hear with such distinction is special.

Check out the video below. Be sure to click that HD button...

Madison - As The World Turns from King Klaviar on Vimeo.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Sherrod White - "One in a Million" Music Video

Monday morning inspiration is always welcome in my world. I, like many of you, absolutely dread Monday's. At least I dread all the crap that seems to surface on Monday's exclusively. In reality, any day that I'm alive is a good one!

It was nice to hear Sherrod White this morning talking about decidedly positive things. It took off my Monday edge and calmed me down. "One in a Million" has an all classic Boom Bap groove produced by Tone Jonez. The old soul feeling is rich and made more impressive by the fact there are no record samples.

Sherrod takes his time with the track and gives a solid lyrical performance. The visual perfectly compliments the sounds as it's about simplicity and truth and neither needs any "dressing up."  I definitely appreciated the content and timing on this track. Check out the music video below...