Friday, April 19, 2013

Klaviar - "HealingPain" Music Video

In the midst of all of the chaos that has ensued since the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, there have been deaths, tears, pain and so many unanswered questions. It is times like these when art and music can sort of make some sense of the madness and help heal some of the pain.

Songwriter and director Klaviar is the first to touch on the subject publicly with this beautiful music video for the aptly titled "HealingPain." Clearly crafted before the Boston tragedy, Klaviar tastefully carries the theme of healing over and leaves a strong visual imprinted on viewers' minds that has you rethink the entire lyric.

Though not entirely new to my radar, I was unaware that Klaviar is a songwriter. He first popped up as director for Madison's "As the World Turns" music video. Now, he's flexing both skills (at the same damn time) and doing so with skill. This is a really strong work on both fronts and I'm really impressed. Fans of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, etc. will really find something to latch onto.

You already know...

Klaviar - HealingPain (Official Music Video) from King Klaviar on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

KaliRaps - "Can I Live"

"Can I Live" is the first single from the mixtape "Who I Am" which hit the web just over a day ago. Obviously repping California, KaliRaps talks to his listeners about his personal truth as seen and experienced in his lifetime. He briefly touches on some socio-economic issues but primarily harps on his abilities being better than the rest.

KaliRaps is a talented MC. His style is easy to digest but I'm sitting here going through his catalog and it's clear that he has genuine range and lyrical skill. While "Who I Am" may be a bit dated in places it doesn't take much away from the project as a whole. This mixtape is pretty much a short history lesson on KaliRaps' career. Fans new and old alike should be looking forward to the upcoming debut album 'Mr. Misunderstood.'

Check the stream and free download below...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tone M - "Insecurities"

I first met Tone M probably a year ago. As he is a bit of an introvert, we didn't talk much but he reached out to me later with a project of his called 'Konshu's Odyssey.' It was a respectable project but a bit too cryptic in it's presentation.

Some time later, we met again at a recording session in Brooklyn. After the session, Tone played the "Insecurities" instrumental on his laptop and spit the verses live for me. I was thoroughly impressed. It was a complete 180 from what I had heard from him before. He had stopped rapping at people and started rapping to them. I made a point to let him know to send me the track when it was ready.

Well, here it is! Tone M hit the nail on the head with "Insecurities" and demands that he be respected as a bona fide MC. The lo-fi Jazz sample is the perfect soundscape to his laid back flow and puts the listener in a dream space. This joint feels good in the bones.

Check the stream and download below and be on the lookout for Tone M in the future.

Ghostwridah - "Prescription"

It's really just a matter of time. Ghostwridah has a once in a generation skill set that is guaranteed to propel him to superstardom. Lyricism, flow, content, production, consistency... he lacks nothing. Ever since he jumped onto radars everywhere with "Red Bottoms" it's been an onslaught of truly inspired music.

Well into his next Michael Jordan inspired project titled 'Flu Game', Ghostwridah gives us "Prescription" today via his twitter account. Well known for his elaborate concepts and storytelling, "Prescription" takes us through the prognosis and cure for everything wack in Rap right now.

Check the stream and download below and get ready for 'Flu Game' on May 27th.