Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fashion Event: The Essentials

The Essentials


FABRIC by Blackburn & The Jeremy Hunter Collection

Friday July 25th, 2008 7pm - 10pm

Music by mega radio personality Ed Lover!

Closet 07631
2 East Palisades Ave.
Englewood, NJ 07631

Open Bar & Hors D'Oeuvres served by Wicked Spoon Catering


Friday, July 18, 2008

N.Y.Oil Poem on Jesse's Comments

N.Y.Oil is one of my favorite MCs right now. He first grabbed my attention with his scathing social commentary "Y'all Should All Get Lynched". I actually had some words with him about the song and he was humble and open enough to speak to me directly about the track and changed my whole perspective on it.

He recently had an interview on BBC radio and dropped a crazy poem written in response to Jesse Jackson's comments about Barack Obama. Check the YouTube video and N.Y.Oil's Myspace Page. His new double LP is in stores now. DON'T SLEEP!

Urban Juke Joint

A monthly open mic dedicated to a nobler expression of rhymes, beats, music, spoken word, and poetry. Hosted by Chris Phoenix. Sign up for the open mic begins at 8:30. Open discussion starts prior to feature and open mic. Free admission and refreshments. URBAN JUKE JOINT - where each poet brings truth to the axiom "We are all one human family".

July, 25 2008
Baha’i Unity Center - 53 E 11th St (b/w Broadway/University Pl)
New York City, New York

I Should Be Watching The Dark Knight

Instead, I'm sitting at home blogging about not being able to watch it. How exciting. That's why The Joker is giving me the ultimate stoneface. Tickets were sold out everywhere and on top of that, such a late showing wasn't going to work today anyway. I have to chaperone my son's summer camp field trip tomorrow morning. Hopefully, I can catch it tomorrow but I fear tickets are sold out through the weekend. Until I can see this movie, I will be dreading every moment.

For those of you watching what I'm sure is the most incredibly action movie in the last 5 years; up yours.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Do You Remember........?

Do you have an extremely short-term memory? Do you go by the name of Rox Fontaine? Do you constantly loose your cellular phone? Do you ask why I ask these questions? Well it might not save you from loosing your phone every month, but it might help your wife at Target from forgetting that small, but very important necessity that will devastate you in the event that you forget to buy it and not realize it until your get home.
Perpetual Kid has created To-Do-Tattoo's that will adhere to your skin to remind you of whatever it is that you may need. a pack of 12 will run you $4.00

OH, They are temporary BTW :)

Nas Hits the West Coast.

After a busy day of signings and performances in New York on Tuesday, Nas arrived in Southern California on Wednesday to continue promoting his new album "Untitled". I was fortunate enough to be one of the first 200 people to buy his album at midnight on Monday, granting me a wristband to have my CD signed, and to watch Nas perform on the Jimmy Kimmel show in Hollywood. After waiting in line for about three hours my friend and I finally made it into the gates of the outdoor stage to watch the show. Sure Nas was fashionably late, but that did not bring the mood down amongst the many hardcore Nas fans. Finally after watching Kimmel's show on a projection screen, Jimmy introduced Nas! Nas hopped on stage and gave an outstanding performance, including the new single "Hero" to a classic " Made You Look". Not only did we get to see Nas, We also got to see the very beautiful Keri Hilson, as well as bonus performances by The Game & Travis Barker. All I can say is that this event will stay locked in my memory bank forever.

Good Luck finding your phone Rox!, Did you check the car?

I'd Lose My Head If It Wasn't Attached

No joke. I've lost my cell phone. Again. Well, I won't say "lost" yet. It's only misplaced at this point. The last time I misplaced it was at the end of last month. I was freaked out and I kept calling it and sending text messages to it. I even sent messages BEGGING the person who should happen to find the phone to return it to me.

It was the day after the Team L.A.R.K. BBQ and I was certain that I had left it out on a median uptown. It fit the theme of the previous day perfectly as everything that could have gone wrong did. I felt relieved and retarded at the same time when I found the phone in a plastic bag in the trunk of my car almost two days later.

Well, I don't know where the hell it is this time. I know I had it with me when I went out earlier in the day and I'm certain I returned home with it. I know this because I checked the call records online and the last call on it was at 3:31 pm. That was my wife calling on her way back from Target. She called me at home to tell me to come outside so we could go pick up my son from summer camp together. I didn't go anywhere after that and I came right back home.

Where is my phone!?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mystery 'Vette from Transformers 2

If you're like me, you think that Transformers was one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all-time. There are tons of hopes and mounds of expectation for Transformers 2, no doubt. Here is a very clean shot of a mystery car on the set of Transformers 2. It is believed to be a Chevrolet Corvette concept. (He better be down with the Autobots!) As Gwen Stefani would say; This car is B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Src: AutoBlog

Kiser Viral Video

Kiser and Kareem Black have put together a short film built around the company's "A Graphic Life" theme. Word is this is the first of many to come as the brand explores "themes based on concept versus fashion product."

Video after the jump:

Super Pipe

Nah, not the snowboarding kind. The other kind.

Check this out. Sex. 101 days. Consecutively. Without fail. I'm not even going to get into the logistics of this or the why and the how. If you want all that info, these folks wrote a book about the whole thing.

Me being quite the alpha male, I can certainly appreciate having plenty of poon. However, this is just ridiculous.

Nas Album Release Party @ Alife

Heard Nas had the tiny courtyard at Alife blazin'. There are a couple of videos of the event floating around YouTube. Definitely check 'em out if you're a fan. Here's one I found posted by Mikey Fresh.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nas Album Signing @ Virgin Megastore

There aren't too many people I can honestly say I'd wait 2 hours in line to see. However, when I first heard that Nas would be at the Virgin Megastore at Union Square on the release date of his highly anticipated album "Untitled" to do a little meet and greet with the fans, I knew how I would be spending my Tuesday afternoon. With my album and wristband securely in my hand bright and early at 9am, the anticipation steadily built throughout the day as I sat at my desk completely oblivious to the work I was supposed to be getting done. The signing would start at 5:00, and me being at the office until 5:30 already caused a problem in my plans. What better way to solve it than to just up and leave 20 minutes early...hell, they wouldn't know I was gone. Once I finally made it back down to Virgin, the line was already around the block filled to the gill and at this point it was already a few minutes after 6. I noticed they started giving out orange wristbands to the newer people who just purchased the album, and I thought to myself how much of a bitch it would be if I was going to be one of the many to be turned away eventually; even after I had waited at the door for Virgin to be open earlier in the day. Someone from security must have read my mind as I was then told everyone with a blue wristband was to jump line and head toward the front. A huge sigh of relief to me, and I was even closer to meeting one of the artists who has made such a huge impact on me throughout the years. Another hour passed and I was finally inside (and in an air conditioned room thank God), being just a few feet away from Nasir himself. My turn finally approached and I was finally able to thank him for his music, and tell him how much Hip Hop needs an album like "Untitled" right now in these days of ringtone rappers and one-hit TRL wonders. We ended our brief conversation with a dap and I walked away with an experience I won't soon forget. To be able to finally meet a person who has gotten you through some good and bad times equally, and to have them be as laid back and easy going with an ordinary person such as myself, even after signing hundreds upon hundreds before me, is something I'll be able to think back on from here on out.

"One Love".

Cool Outrageous Lovers Of Uniquely Raw Style

C.O.L.O.U.R.S. = Andre 3000, Fonzworth Bentley and Kanye West with production by Sa-Ra creative partners.

Freeeeesssssh! Yes, the song is old. The video is new.

R&B Live New York TONIGHT!

Ciroc & BET will be celebrating the 100th episode of Black Carpet.

1604 Broadway
(between 48th & 49th)
Doors open at 7pm/showime at 8pm


For tables and reservations contact:

M.I.A. Clothing

The crazy, sexy, cool M.I.A. has started a clothing line and from the looks of it, cool kids everywhere are going to be jizzing in their pants over this stuff. No lookbook just yet, but she's posted a video of the gear on her website.

As you might expect, it's pretty much her Kala album cover applied to cloth. Still very interesting stuff though. Jump and stare....

Hank Willis Thomas

I don't know much about art, but I do know good art when I see it. Or maybe this dude just speaks to me on a personal level with his knack for imagery. I first learned of his work through a friend of mine. He put me on Mr. Thomas' series titled "Branded" and I was instantly made a fan.

This is must see material! For more information on Hank Willis Thomas and his work visit:

The Slug Love Triangle

I saw some sweet slug love tonight, and it was glorious.

It might have been some sort of twisted love triangle. Or possibly a failed three-way. I'm not exactly sure.

I noticed this throbbing, slimy mass of camouflage dangling on the back of my house, connected to the siding by a string of...uhm...gross...mucus...stuff.

Suddenly my peaceful summer BBQ on the back porch had been interrupted by two slugs hanging upside down knockin' boots. I was instantly enthralled. The females were instantly disgusted. That blue thing hanging there, I would later find out, is their intertwined genitalia. How hot is that?

But this was no ordinary mating ritual, for there was a third wheel lingering just out of frame, writhing in the dirt, covered in ooze and various earthly debris - perhaps because of the heartache and anguish that comes with being dumped, or perhaps because that's what slugs do.

At first I thought that the two hanging from the string of mucus had just given birth and had dropped the third down onto the ground. Later, through the power of the internet, I realized that they had only just begun the process of parenthood, and the fertilized egg deposit step was still a ways off.

See, the thing is, slugs are hermaphrodites, meaning they have both male and female reproductive organs. So somehow, I believe, while attempting to attract a mate, one of the two unisex slugs found a second suitor, and denied it the bout of sexual exploration it craved, leaving him to crawl around in the muck. Story of my life right there.

Eventually the two untangled, pulled their junk back into their body cavities, and helped each other detatch from the mucus string. Then one of them threw up deuces and ran off, presumably NOT to the kitchen to make the other an omlet. The other, feeling used and unloved, was left to recuperate and clean up the mess - by eating it. Again, the story of my life.

So, what did I learn tonight? Slugs are disgusting. And freaky. And I would advise people who become entrapped in slug drama to turn down the grill so their burgers don't burn. Another lesson mother nature couldn't have taught me any other way. C'est la vie.

Monday, July 14, 2008

I Have Two Words For You: Josh Hamilton

Are you freakin' kidding me!? 28 in the first round!? Dude just solidified his legend. Way to send Yankee Stadium out, Playboy. RESPECT!

Killer Mike feat. Ice Cube - Pressure

Wow. Rap is angry again. I haven't heard anything like this since Ice Cube was in his prime. Killer Mike goes balls in on this track. Craaaaazy!

K'naan on Tour

One of the illest out there right now. If you've never heard of him, learn about him. His story and his music are both amazing.

This track is a bit old, but if you haven't heard it you gotta check it out. It's a true story with actual footage from an episode he had while on tour in Sweden. He's rockin' over Lupe Fiasco's "Kick Push" and simply breaks this track into molecules!

You can check him out at:

Here are the dates:

Aug 1 2008 11:30A
Lollapalooza @ Grand Park Chicago, Illinois
Aug 9 2008 8:00P
All Points West @ Liberty State Park Liberty State Park, New Jersey
Aug 13 2008 8:00P
Université Laval Laval, Quebec
Aug 15 2008 8:00P
Spoke Festival Whistler, British Columbia
Aug 17 2008 8:00P
Big Day Out Festival Crawford Bay, British Columbia
Aug 24 2008 3:00A
Outside Lands @ Golden Gate Park San Francisco, California

Japanese Cell Phones pt. 1

Back in '06 I switched cell phone companies to get this PDA phone that was unmatched on the market at the time. There was nothing with a 4" touch screen, full QWERTY keyboard, Windows Mobile 5, etc. I HAD to have it. I even convinced my whole family to switch with me. That wasn't a difficult task anyway because the base plans of the service were much cheaper than other companies then. I moved from AU to Willcom. Willcom was a fledgling company then looking to shake up the Japanese cell phone market. They did an amazing job at it too.

The phone is called the Zero3. I fell in love with it the first day I saw it and it has served me well ever since. Eventually though, the software started to show it's age and I began to hope for an updated version of the same phone. I waited and waited and no news ever broke about a new Zero3 handset.

In early April, I made my way back to the US and less than a week after I got here....out of nowhere......

A new Zero3 releases. :|

It's mostly everything I wanted in a new Zero3 model. Faster, lighter, thinner and sexier. Screen size could be a little bigger for me, but it's definitely passable at 3".

This is a MUST cop as soon as I get back to Japan.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Darkmane Just Might Be Right

Have you seen the commercials for the X Games on ESPN with this character Darkmane? Darkmane says, "Join my army and we will crush originality!" He also has a written decree. It reads as follows:

By Decree of Darkmane

I. Originality is for losers.
II. Originality is totally subjective.
III. I am more original than the X Games
IV. As such you should join my army.......

I realized today that he just might be right. Apparently, originality IS for losers. All of the cool kids look exactly like each other. From their saran wrap like "skinny" jeans to their neck warmers. (Yes, neck warmers. There has to be some purpose to them. I refuse to believe that people are wearing scarves in 85 degree weather just to be cool.) Everything supposedly original is a carbon copy of somebody else's style from some other time and place. Oh, don't forget the skateboard as accessory too. Pretty damn strange if you ask me.

(Side note: Why the **** does cool and hot mean the same thing in vernacular?)

Yeah, so instead of going on the bajillionth internet rant about people being retarded, I'll just say that I'm with Darkmane. "Originality" is for losers.

Welcome to The Aviary!

The home of Team L.A.R.K. What is Team L.A.R.K., you ask? Team L.A.R.K. (Limited and Rare Kicks) is a group of collectors that currently spans 3 continents; North America, Europe and Asia. Their exceptional character and dedication to sneaker culture is an inspiration, not only for this page but, for sneaker collectors the world over.

We will be sharing with you all our passion for sneakers and life. At The Aviary, you will find a window to all of our members around the world and their unique perspectives on life and culture. From fashion to fantasy, world music to world issues or love and life; you can always bet on finding something interesting at The Aviary.