Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bueller Da Don - "The Update"

Never one to rest on his laurels, Bueller Da Don dropped this off for the sole purpose of letting heads know that he's never not working. Something light to tide fans over until the next single. I'm glad he mentioned that there will be some videos soon from 'Cruise 2 Fame.' We're long overdue for one.

Check the audio below.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Kaleb - 'Blac Lion Vol. 2' + "Mother Fate" Music Video

Remember when NY had a distinct sound? Black Moon, Heltah Skeltah, Sunz of Man and others like them, while totally different in their approach to Rap music, still had shine on major radio stations. These days, you only hear this brand of music in some commercial filled retro hour on the radio. NY's sound has lost it's unique flair and radio is dominated by the same sounds over and over.

Enter Kaleb. A blast from the past ... in the future. He is classic beyond his years and has captured a sound and groove from a time when he, probably, was just a toddler. What's more, he's not from New York City! He's originally from Minneapolis, MN and now spreading his brand of music from the state capital Albany, NY. Whoa.

Check the video below for "Mother Fate" from the 'Blac Lion Vol. 2' mixtape. The project released in October of last year so I'm late on the take but it's a strong project. Much more focused than the most current 'Ready for the Industry Vol. 1' mixtape. Though I place it a distant second to 'Blac Lion Vol. 2', I understand it's purpose.

Kaleb is extremely talented. The lyrical content is impressive and the sonic experience is a real throwback. If you love the "Golden Era" of Hip-Hop like I do, then you will greatly enjoy Kaleb's sound. Tune in...

Rugz D. Bewler - "By Any Means Necessary" Music Video/Album

If you been keeping your ear pointed towards the DD172 movement, then you know at least a little bit about Rugz D. Bewler. I'm just getting hip to his music and the album is for sure one of those download, burn and throw in the whip immediately joints.

'By Any Means Necessary' is by far one of the most complete independent projects I've ever heard. Clearly conceptual from start to finish is how I like an album to sound and Rugz executed perfectly. I feel like this is what an Isaac Hayes record would have sounded like if he were a rapper. It's sharp on soul samples, heavy on the beats and bass and I'm going to dare say revolutionary rappin'.

It is crystal clear that Rugz D. Bewler is up to more than "Divas & Doobies" and the sequential follow-up "Red Bull & Guinness/The Hangover." Super dope tracks but clearly of the, I'm-not-all-serious-all-the-time variety. The rest of 'By Any Means Necessary' is about rappin' ass rappin' and progression. Is he hinting at the idea that he's the next Malcolm X? Absolute not. What he he is saying is that he's Harlem's next big deal. He's saying I have something you need to hear. He's saying he's going to achieve. I agree wholeheartedly with all of that.

With a double feature I bring you the music video for the title track as well as the entire project for download. The video, directed by Anthony Sylvester, is a fantastic visual. I absolutely love the transitions, warmth in color in juxtaposition to the obviously cold temperature and location scouting. Check the video and hit the download link below that.