Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Redz - "Joy" Music Video

Broward County, FL. Fort Lauderdale to be more specific. I lived there from ages 8 through 15. At 15, after having seen enough peers shot, fighting in the streets and trying drugs, I decided that I needed to get away or fall victim to my environment. I refused to become a statistic.

Fast forward through a whole lot back story and here I am today looking back to that time and place and saying, "I did well."

I bring that information up because that's what drew me into this record from young BC artist Redz. He was clear, concise and eloquent. Very impressive for just 16 years old and promoting for himself.

"Joy" is an examination of dreams vs. reality. Redz says, "The first verse is me enlarging my own ego only to bring myself down to the reality of my music career within the second verse." It's very well done. Redz shows that he's serious with a pen with lines like, "I got that number 3 flow/I give these niggas Heat stroke/and that's Dwyane Wade" and "So far away from home/So close to alone/Local niggas hit me up/Producers blowin' up my phone/But I'm in the same position/Niggas got the same wishes/But all our dreams are different/and so are the means to get it."

This young man is on to something! I'll definitely be checking for him and I think you should too. Get into the video below and support him further by downloading his mixtape "Pride and Joy" from DatPiff.