Saturday, October 18, 2008

Obama Bucks

Enough is enough. I don't always get offended by the typical stereotypical ideas about Blacks. For some reason though I have had enough, maybe its the fact that people have nothing else to do with their time. However, I have decided to just make sure my behind votes and every damn person I know goes out and votes.


Maybe I'm just tired of trying to live in a "peaceful" world. Maybe I'm tired of Blacks and other minorities getting the short end of the stick. Or maybe I'm tired of not seeing enough people of color on TV or in the paper.

But all of this won' t block me.

I sure hope you all go out to vote.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kanye Westica

Lemme say this, Kanye knows how to put on a show.
I got 6 tickets to see him perform at the jimmy kimmel show.
I waited two and a half hours in line, and an hour in front of the stage until he finally performed. Regardless, Kanye just knows how to make a good performance. He brought out eleven of those big drums, which I forget what they're called...?
and the drummers had costumes/masks on. he had to do three takes of "Love Lockdown" because his drummers/or pianist kept messing, it up. they got it right after he cussed at them ha ha ha. anyway, I feel like I'm talking to myself now. Goodnight.

Rox, whoa! that video is... Ignorant(why'd I say arrogant) 0.o , If that's what most of their supporters are
like, Jeez.

I feel like we're some Kanye groupies... :/ lol

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

This Is What It Sounds Like

They tell us to get over it. I say, "Watch this."

Monday, October 13, 2008

" You Aint Fresh"

So Bishop Lamont played a clip of what is apparently the first single off of Dr.Dre's Detox album. sounds like an early 90's joint, Wow. alot of signs lead me to believe its coming, and hopefully coming strong.
and I'm gonna say it, so let me say it now, If Dre doesn't outsell lil Wayne in the first week, my head will explode.

Kanye West- Heartless HQ Snippet

I'm sure some of you are sick of my Kanye posts, but here is another one for you. This comes in the form of (finally) a high quality snippet of his second single from 808's & Heartbreak "Heartless". In my opinion, so far he is 2 for 2 and I'm eagerly anticipating the album which drops November 25th.