Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kanye Westica

Lemme say this, Kanye knows how to put on a show.
I got 6 tickets to see him perform at the jimmy kimmel show.
I waited two and a half hours in line, and an hour in front of the stage until he finally performed. Regardless, Kanye just knows how to make a good performance. He brought out eleven of those big drums, which I forget what they're called...?
and the drummers had costumes/masks on. he had to do three takes of "Love Lockdown" because his drummers/or pianist kept messing, it up. they got it right after he cussed at them ha ha ha. anyway, I feel like I'm talking to myself now. Goodnight.

Rox, whoa! that video is... Ignorant(why'd I say arrogant) 0.o , If that's what most of their supporters are
like, Jeez.

I feel like we're some Kanye groupies... :/ lol

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