Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sneakerbox Chock - "Work" Audio

Screwface World Music representative Sneakerbox Chock dropped this off in my inbox earlier today. Special delivery for you Hip-Hop fiends!  I spoke to Sneakerbox Chock just last weekend and I didn't hear anything about his new track. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

"Work" is produced by E. Jones of legendary producer 9th Wonder's Soul Council production team. I love the instrumentation on this one and the drums knock real proper like. Chock walks us through his rise from incarceration to celebration. Presented in his trademark energetic and deliberate style, you sense the hunger in his verses like a Meek Mill or even Screwface World Music labelmate Bueller Da Don.

Another dope release from south Jersey. I approve. "Work" is tight work. Stream and free download down bottom.

YC the Cynic - "Rude Boy Jamaican" Audio

FINALLY! Some new music from one of my favorite indie artists. The Bronx spitter has been working on a new project titled 'Good Morning, Midnight.' This highly anticipated release follows up the crowd pleaser 'Fall FWD.'

YC the Cynic's signature syncopated flow over "loungy" beats is still as soupy as ever and who doesn't love comfort food? This guy is dope as all hell and his delivery and story telling on this are superb. "Rude Boy Jamaican" lets me know that the album will be a nice evolution from previous works without losing his core.

YC the Cynic will be performing tomorrow night, in Betsy Head Park, Brooklyn with Sean Price, Smoke DZA, Masta Ace, Smif N Wessun and others. If you're in the Brooklyn area between 6pm and 9pm definitely go check YC the Cynic out. Stream and download of "Rude Boy Jamaican" below. Enjoy!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Neak - "Can't Stop" (I Don't Quit) Audio

There's something to be said about the way Chi town rappers hold on to the classic soul sound of Hip-Hop. Break beats and cleverly reworked samples run through all sorts of filters is a winning formula for what we've come to love about the sound of Chicago. Following in the footsteps of Common, Rhymefest, Kanye and Lupe, Neak is carving his own lane on the independent scene.

This previously unreleased track was recorded during the "Love Greater // The Prequel" sessions. The story is of Neak's drive and resilience as an upcoming MC. Nothing new there but the production is clean and Neak delivers a great performance as usual. Check the stream and download below.