Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sneakerbox Chock - "Work" Audio

Screwface World Music representative Sneakerbox Chock dropped this off in my inbox earlier today. Special delivery for you Hip-Hop fiends!  I spoke to Sneakerbox Chock just last weekend and I didn't hear anything about his new track. Definitely a pleasant surprise.

"Work" is produced by E. Jones of legendary producer 9th Wonder's Soul Council production team. I love the instrumentation on this one and the drums knock real proper like. Chock walks us through his rise from incarceration to celebration. Presented in his trademark energetic and deliberate style, you sense the hunger in his verses like a Meek Mill or even Screwface World Music labelmate Bueller Da Don.

Another dope release from south Jersey. I approve. "Work" is tight work. Stream and free download down bottom.

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