Thursday, October 27, 2011

Young Chris - "Still Creeping" Music Video

This song took me by surprise. I listen to well over 100 new tracks a week and this grabbed me in the first couple of bars. I first brought you the audio in my weekly commentary track for Now we have a video to go along with Young Chris' song that feels like a "freestyle." The beat has a dope throwback feel and is stripped perfectly for verbal exercise. I just dig it.

Can't help but respect this new grind. I was certain he and Neef would be one hit wonders. Instead, he has a new deal, some great help and a bunch of quality tracks out right now. The album titled 'The Revival' is set to release early November. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bueller Da Don - "Good 4 Me"

This is the first single from Bueller's upcoming solo project, 'Cruise 2 Fame' scheduled to drop next month. Buell enlists producer Sunny Norway to handle the production and he brings his signature eerie Euro sample styling similar to that of "Sunday Breeze" which he produced for Wale. This track is much more focused and mellow than that though.

It actually works out to be a fantastic new direction for Bueller's sound. Previous work has been more youthful and boastful and this track shows maturity. If this is the lane he's taking for the album, I'm definitely signing up for this one. The track is free to stream here and available for purchase NOW at all major digital outlets. Click to listen and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!

Bueller Da Don - "Good 4 Me" by RoxFontaine

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Niko Villamor - 'Inertia'

First of all, happy (belated by the time you read this) birthday to Villa! In celebration of his born day, we finally receive 'Inertia.' The project is a freeze frame of a different time and space in Villas life. Listening to the music, you learn that it was a tumultuous time. From the dark opening of "Suicide Practice" to the melancholy "Kevlar Heart" to the final "Funeral Speech", Niko gives you pieces of himself set to perfectly complimentary sonic canvases.

The tone of the album is very quiet. It's equivalent to sneaking and reading someone's diary. It's extremely rare for an MC to get so personal without sounding broken or pathetic. This is honest music that showcases Niko's intelligence, heart and strength. The project is wholly cohesive and songs work together like a staircase. Each track takes you to another level. It's a truly impressive album.

Click below to download the album. It's a fantastic journey that you shouldn't miss.