Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heavy Rotation - Amanda Blank

I just discovered this girl a few days ago.  I was actually looking for info on when a new Santigold album might drop.  I glanced over her blog posts on her MySpace page and she mentioned in a post from August of last year that she had a friend who had an album fresh off the presses.  I figured that she wouldn't cosign anything wack, so I immediately hopped over to YouTube for some tracks.  The above track is the first I heard and I was already in love.  I copped the album at the iTunes music store and I'm impressed with the whole CD.

If you're into Santigold, M.I.A., Lilly Allen, etc. you'll definitely like this album.  It's full of heavy rhythm tracks, spaced out synth sounds and raw ass girl talk.  No homo. 

Step Your Dice Game Up

These are precision dice.  Yes, that's right....precision dice.  Produced by Zontik Games, these dice are engineered to offer the most fair rolls possible.  It's done by filling the die with material that is the same weight and density as the material that the die itself is made of.  In other words, the paint that's used to fill the spots on the die is precisely weighed so that it exactly matches the weight of material that was removed to make the impression.  This makes each face uniform.  In less lux die, a six side weighs less than one side I assume.

You'll find these die in Zontik's high end board games.  I'm talking upwards of 5 stacks for a chess set!  That's all well and fine if you got it like that.  What works my nerves is coming to the realization that, apparently, every pair of dice I've ever rolled in my life have been bastard dice that weren't giving me a fair roll!  That's some ol' bullshit.  You know how many Monopoly games I could have completely dominated if I just got a damn 3 so I could land on Boardwalk?  You know every time that happens everyone just stops "playing" and turns their strategy to "saving" so they can pay up when they land on Park Place or Boardwalk with a hotel on them.  From now on, I'm sticking to games with a spinner.

The Aviary version 2.010

2010 is officially here! It's crazy how quickly it seems that 2009 flew by. I had a ton of ups and an equal number of downs but everything worked out in the long run. I didn't do the cheesy resolution thing but I did make a mental note to myself that I want to do a LOT more writing this year. As a result, I will be keeping up with my blog regularly and sharing more of my story with the world.

This blog was originally supposed to be a collaborative effort but that didn't work out as planned. So, I'm flying solo this year. Thus, The Aviary version 2.010. I hope to gain a few readers that find my experiences interesting enough to stop by my blog periodically to read, learn, share and comment. Here's to a new year, new opportunities and new outlooks.