Saturday, January 2, 2010

Heavy Rotation - Amanda Blank

I just discovered this girl a few days ago.  I was actually looking for info on when a new Santigold album might drop.  I glanced over her blog posts on her MySpace page and she mentioned in a post from August of last year that she had a friend who had an album fresh off the presses.  I figured that she wouldn't cosign anything wack, so I immediately hopped over to YouTube for some tracks.  The above track is the first I heard and I was already in love.  I copped the album at the iTunes music store and I'm impressed with the whole CD.

If you're into Santigold, M.I.A., Lilly Allen, etc. you'll definitely like this album.  It's full of heavy rhythm tracks, spaced out synth sounds and raw ass girl talk.  No homo. 


theoneallover1257 said...

About the new Santigold album if you go to the N*E*R*D site or Neptunes ( orI forget which) it's planned to drop this year!:)

kromey said...

i saw her open for a Peaches show that I went to, and she's super raw. philly chicks are no joke.