Sunday, January 3, 2010

3rd Times the Charm

The fam and I decided that we wanted to go see the apparent phenomenon that is the film Avatar. Word on the street is that it MUST be seen in 3D. Even better in IMAX. So I logged on to Fandango and tried to book tickets for a showing about 2 hours later. Didn't happen. Sold out.

The next day, I get a text from my boy Riddle just before noon. "Avatar?" "Hell yeah!" I replied and jumped over to Fandango again. 7:00 pm showing....sold out. 10:35 showing....sold out. Damn!

Ok. Now I have it figured. So after an evening of laughter, food and Mimosas at my Mom's house, I walked back into my place around 9 pm. First order of business; BOOK TICKETS! I got tickets for the next day; 10:35 showing.

We know we have to get to the theater early to get good seats. So we get ready, head out and arrive at the theater an hour early. We turn the corner to the IMAX theater and what do you know? There had to be at least 75 people on line already! Cot zang.

Side note: Serious LOL moment when a group of about 5 people realize after waiting on line for more than an hour that they did not have tickets for IMAX 3D. They were quickly banished by security. I'm willing to bet they thought they could pull a fast one.

So after a 45 minute wait we're allowed into the theater.  I got top row seats. Dead center.  Booyah! The movie starts and I'm treated to the most engaging and socio-politically relevant fantasy movie I've seen since 'The Matrix'.  That's all for another post though.

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