Friday, January 20, 2012

Lianne La Havas - "Forget" Music Video

The lead single from Lianne La Havas' forthcoming EP of the same name just dropped and holy hell is it amazing! You will not soon "Forget" this lovely artist or this incredible song.

With a cool and soft 60's Art Deco feel set to a futuristic, afronaut, semi-aquatic production absolutely LACED by Lianne's seductive vocal performance, this cut is 100% win. 'Forget' is available for purchase right now on iTunes for peanuts.

Livewire - "Dat Kid Cray" (Paris Remix)" Music Video

Here's the challenge - figure out where Livewire is in this new video for his Paris remix. See, what had happened was, he took off without telling anyone to shoot a music video for the sole purpose of letting fans know that he is not kidding when he says, "In my prime, I really am. Gotta ***** crossing the Prime Meridian. I don't even know what time or city I'm in." He came back, edited the footage himself and dropped it on us without warning. Awesome!

Steadily building anticipation for his "No Label 2" album, Livewire is working in overdrive to up the ante from "No Label." If the single, "Winning" featuring Joe Budden is any guage of what's to come then we know it's will off the chains. No pun intended. Ok, it was. Sue me.

Check the video below and hit Livewire on Twitter and let him know where you think he was.

Tia London - "All That I Dreamed Of" Music Video

More fiyah! More fiyah!

Ok, I admit it. I'm entirely smitten with Tia London. Talent, drive and ambition; dopeness on a stick. Just released is the 3rd video single from her critically acclaimed "Love Junkie" EP titled "All That I Dreamed Of." This is Tia's love song to herself and her journey to/through stardom. Ups, downs, achievements, disappointments, pluses and minuses - Tia is all in.

The video is in black and white but this is quite the vivid dream. Super fly all around. Dig in....

P.S. Is that denim vest ridiculous or what?

Stixx - "New York Love" Music Video

New York City is a madhouse. It's an ideal place for the rich and the single. You can rip and run and get into something at any hour of the day because it truly is the city that never sleeps. Like Stixx, I have been around the world and I still find no place like home - New York City.

I am neither rich nor single but I wouldn't trade the music, art, fashion, museums, Brooklyn rooftops, world cuisine, Times Square and so ... much ... more ... for anything. That's "New York Love" and Stixx just added another dope piece to our home soundtrack.

"New York Love" is the latest track to get a video treatment from his "Road to Success" LP. Wild fresh song and visual. Check it out...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Carbin DiBiasi - "Addiction"

"Bangin'!" I assume that most heads here on the east coast don't know what SLAB is. For the uninitiated, that's slow low and BANGIN'! Producer Rufio showed his ass on this one and left coast spitter Carbin DiBiasi Cali swagged it to death. This is some ol' loud, obnoxious, blow a speaker, hearing aid at 40 music. How can you not love that?

This reminds me of my Mom's Sharp VZ2000 when I was just 8 years old. The boombox that had a vertical record player in it! I used to blast tapes and Michael Jackson records from it and my Grandmother would yell out, "Cut that mess down! Runnin' up my lightbill!" These days, it's my son who seems to be Mr. Sensitive Ears. Thank goodness for these $280 headphones. I'm about to go dumb! Do they still say that?

Stream and download below.

Carbin DiBiasi - "Addiction" by RoxFontaine

Jinsu - "Insecure" feat. Victoria Monet

Best teen rapper doing it right now? Yes. Jinsu is growing in real time as far as his age but he's growing in lightyears as a musician. I remember watching him embarrass grown men in cyphers when he was just 13. Now  almost 20, he's been working steadily at making the transition from well known and respected to dominant force in the industry.

This short song and video hit the web today and it's another testament to how creative and understanding Jinsu is as an artist. His ability is well beyond his years.

Adding extra spice to "Insecure" is songbird Victoria Monet. I've never heard her before but I really like what I hear. I'll definitely be checking for her. I'm salty that this is so short. It's goooooood.

Mathien and Neak - "Feet" Audio

Let me switch gears on you for a second here. I'm not sure how to talk about this track without ruining the surprise, so I'm going to keep this as brief and nondescript as possible. "Feet" is not standard Hip-Hop fare. That doesn't really mean anything though. There's a ton of music out there that is labeled Hip-Hop and is not standard and still sucks emphatically. This song does not suck though. Not even close. It's decidedly dope actually. Well, you knew that anyway since I'm telling you about it.

Mathien is a band from Chicago, Neak is an MC from Chicago and this is their second collaborative effort. Mathien front man, Chris Mathien, serves up a hook and verse to juxtapose the traditional rap styling of Neak and it works extremely well. Neak is due to release a solo project in the near future via DJBooth, Earmilk and Prefix Mag. "Feet" will not be featured on the album, titled 'Love Greater // The Prequel.'

The subject of the song is the difference between talkin' about it and bein' about it. We (those of us who would rather be about it) all know that we often have to tune out the never ending yap fests from those who are always saying, "I'm doing this that and the 3rd." yet have nothing little to show for it other than another yap fest about what it is. I rock with this theme in theory and in practice.

Check the audio for yourself and get familiar with the work. I dig it 360. Free stream and download below. Of course, stay tuned to for more great independent music. Trust that I'll let my feet do the talking!

Mathien and Neak - "Feet" by RoxFontaine

Jaiden - "Melody" feat. Yummy Bingham

Y'all betta saaaang! *swipes hand in the air* What a way to come back from yesterday's SOPA blackout!

Jaiden "The Cure" has been the industry's best kept secret for at least the last 5 years. I first heard him back in 2007, I think, performing at Chrisette Michele's album release party for her debut 'I Am.' I was amazed at his range and vocal ability. I actually had a video clip of the two singing Erykah Badu's "On and On" on my cell phone for a looooong time. The performance was just that good.

I followed Jaiden's music through his MySpace page for the next year or so (MySpace was still relevant then), but there wasn't much visible movement from the crooner. I don't blame the guy. Who needs fanfare when you're singing in Quincy Jones' living room? Fast forward a few years and he was out on the F.A.M.E. tour with Chris Brown. He dropped a free album titled 'Shades of Gray: The Cure Suite II' in the 3rd quarter of 2011 and is now kicking off this year with a new video.

Jaiden and Yummy Bingham are the perfect compliment to each other. Both artists are young, incredibly gifted singers with jazzed out sensibilities. "Melody" is my kind of love song. It's bright, playful and makes me want to dance. They absolutely slayed this song! So, now I will spend the next 2 days catching up on Jaiden's music. You should too.

Check the video below and slap this in your MP3 player ASAP!

Shoutout to Tiffany Monique for the link.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Niko Villamor - "Status" feat. Brandon Rossi

Villa has set his swagray to stun. Back with another freebie featuring his ATLien compadre Brandon Rossi, Niko Villamor is talking that talk. "Status" is an ode to groupies ... male and female. As anyone who has worked or is working from the bottom up knows, people don't care what you're doing until it looks like they can get something from you. Attitudes change around you and then everyone swears that it was you that changed. Oh, instigating harlot!

Check the stream and free download, ya dig?

Niko Villamor - "Status" feat. B. Rossi by RoxFontaine

Exclusive: Real J. Wallace - 'The J∆hFather of So(u)l Cal'

"History will have to record that the greatest tragedy of this period of social transition was not the strident clamor of the bad people, but the appalling silence of the good people." – Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK Freeway from Joe Black on Vimeo.

Talk about a strong concept! Real J. Wallace's 'The JahFather of So(u)l Cal' is one of the dopest, most well thought out and executed concepts for an album I've seen/heard in a long time. Watching the video above will explain it all. I'll reiterate that the album was crafted to compliment the 94 West (MLK) Freeway in San Diego. The album plays to match the length of the artist's frequent drives on the freeway to various events in the heart of the city. Brilliant!

Now, that's cool and all but does the music work? Absolutely! As the album title implies, it's a treasure trove of largely unaffected soul samples backing Real J's super sharp Cali swag lyricism. As "Regular Joe" as Real is, there's nothing regular about his rhyme style and delivery. It's intelligent without being pretentious and playful without being lightweight. I had issue with some of the engineer's mixing choices but this is otherwise a great start for the newcomer.

I had a couple of tracks from this project several months ago and hearing the growth from then to now is awesome. Dude is working! So. Cal (and everywhere else) needs to be on alert. The Jahfather of Soul Cal is coming to a speaker near you.

Check the full stream/download below and remember where you heard it first!