Friday, January 20, 2012

Livewire - "Dat Kid Cray" (Paris Remix)" Music Video

Here's the challenge - figure out where Livewire is in this new video for his Paris remix. See, what had happened was, he took off without telling anyone to shoot a music video for the sole purpose of letting fans know that he is not kidding when he says, "In my prime, I really am. Gotta ***** crossing the Prime Meridian. I don't even know what time or city I'm in." He came back, edited the footage himself and dropped it on us without warning. Awesome!

Steadily building anticipation for his "No Label 2" album, Livewire is working in overdrive to up the ante from "No Label." If the single, "Winning" featuring Joe Budden is any guage of what's to come then we know it's will off the chains. No pun intended. Ok, it was. Sue me.

Check the video below and hit Livewire on Twitter and let him know where you think he was.

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