Thursday, January 19, 2012

Mathien and Neak - "Feet" Audio

Let me switch gears on you for a second here. I'm not sure how to talk about this track without ruining the surprise, so I'm going to keep this as brief and nondescript as possible. "Feet" is not standard Hip-Hop fare. That doesn't really mean anything though. There's a ton of music out there that is labeled Hip-Hop and is not standard and still sucks emphatically. This song does not suck though. Not even close. It's decidedly dope actually. Well, you knew that anyway since I'm telling you about it.

Mathien is a band from Chicago, Neak is an MC from Chicago and this is their second collaborative effort. Mathien front man, Chris Mathien, serves up a hook and verse to juxtapose the traditional rap styling of Neak and it works extremely well. Neak is due to release a solo project in the near future via DJBooth, Earmilk and Prefix Mag. "Feet" will not be featured on the album, titled 'Love Greater // The Prequel.'

The subject of the song is the difference between talkin' about it and bein' about it. We (those of us who would rather be about it) all know that we often have to tune out the never ending yap fests from those who are always saying, "I'm doing this that and the 3rd." yet have nothing little to show for it other than another yap fest about what it is. I rock with this theme in theory and in practice.

Check the audio for yourself and get familiar with the work. I dig it 360. Free stream and download below. Of course, stay tuned to for more great independent music. Trust that I'll let my feet do the talking!

Mathien and Neak - "Feet" by RoxFontaine

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