Thursday, January 19, 2012

Jinsu - "Insecure" feat. Victoria Monet

Best teen rapper doing it right now? Yes. Jinsu is growing in real time as far as his age but he's growing in lightyears as a musician. I remember watching him embarrass grown men in cyphers when he was just 13. Now  almost 20, he's been working steadily at making the transition from well known and respected to dominant force in the industry.

This short song and video hit the web today and it's another testament to how creative and understanding Jinsu is as an artist. His ability is well beyond his years.

Adding extra spice to "Insecure" is songbird Victoria Monet. I've never heard her before but I really like what I hear. I'll definitely be checking for her. I'm salty that this is so short. It's goooooood.

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