Friday, March 12, 2010

Madison - "Can We Go Back" Free Download & Contest!

We took this song out of Madison's archive to bring you a little something different before the mixtape release.  It's a free download so click the link below to listen and save.  This is the ONLY time this track will be released.

We are also running a twitter event in conjunction with this release.  Hop over to twitter and follow @therealmadison and tweet under the trending topic #canwegoback and you'll automatically be entered to win a limited edition Nintendo DS Lite! The contest will run through until Sunday, March 14th, at 10 pm.  A random verified entrant will be chosen on Sunday night and announced on twitter.  Tell a friend to tell a friend!

You can win!

Message from Madison:
Originally, "Can We Go Back" was supposed to be a poem. It was the first time that I had ever tried writing poetry and it came out way better than I expected. Then I came across the instrumental (produced by Dr. Dre) and just couldn't resist it. As soon as I heard it, I knew that those (CWGB) lyrics would fit perfectly. Every now and then I catch myself thinking about the "good ol' days". The times when the biggest care in the world was getting home in time to catch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or who had control over the first controller when playing videos games. I know at one point in time, we have all wished we could go back and relive those moments. So I tried my best to recapture a lot of the things I remember from my childhood, jotting them down on paper, and laying it down on wax to create my own little audio time capsule. People from my (era) and maybe even some people before me can take a trip back and remember the good times, and those who come after me can get a glimpse of what life was like growing up for me. - Madison (@therealmadison)

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Justin Bua for American Revolutionaries

Bua talks about the shift from media focus on the talented to the promulgation of devolution of human artistic spirit. 

21 Mercer - March Madness Party

I got the heads up on this event late in the day, but made my way down in time enough to down a few beers and sliders and take a few pics.  It was a very nice laid back vibe and I got to chat with a couple of people that I haven't seen in a few years.  Shouts to Whit3boy and Julio.  I'll be in contact.

Also met a few people that I had no previous knowledge of so that was nice as well.  My homie Vulkan introduced me to SneakGeekz and we chopped it up for a few minutes before heading our seperate ways.  Definitely check out the SneakGeekz website for up-to-date sneaker info, release dates and early looks.

Enjoy the pics...

Monday, March 8, 2010

Madison - "Test Launch"


Every once in a while, you hear something truly special.  Something so special that you want to run out and tell everyone you know.  Today, I had one of those moments.  I pressed play and everything just seemed....perfect.

What I strive to do here is bring you the official.  Real people doing real things.  Not selling products.  Changing the world.  Changing how people think and act.

World, get ready for Madison.  "Test Launch" coming soon to speaker near you.  Exclusive interview coming in ther VERY near future.  Stay tuned...