Friday, November 11, 2011

Bueller Da Don - "I Get It" Audio

The DCG boys never stop working! 'Audio Mall' is only 2 months old and Bueller is already nearing the realese of his solo project, 'Cruise 2 Fame.' Every Friday in between now and November 29th Buell will be release new songs to ramp up anticipation for the album.

First in the series but 2nd leak from the album, "I Get It" is a complete 180 from the previous leak. No word on whether this song is on the album or not. Click below to listen:

Bueller Da Don - "I Get It" by RoxFontaine

Madison - 'Vanilla Sky'

Madison is probably the most dangerous artist you've never heard of. Dangerous because he's lyrically gifted enough to outshine your favorite rapper ... whoever that may be. Dangerous because his musical direction is Euro infused melodic fancy without the auto-tuned rap ballad styling of Drake. Dangerous because he has the ability to be an overnight success.

Everything that Madison is starts with his voice. He has a tonal quality that commands attention at his first utterance. It's a special kind of power and control that's almost preacher like. A captivating sound like that of Tupac. This is not to say that Madison is all style and no substance. Once the voice draws you in, you are exposed to the pristine delivery Madison posseses. His lyrics are incredibly witty, personal and truthful. "Me and my Pops wasn't speakin', and every day that we didn't my soul got weakened." and "Lost here in my thoughts. All this privacy that I've gained thanks to all this s**t that I've lost. And if these 4 walls could talk, they'd probably drown me in my own f*****g sorrow." are just two great examples.

I know what you're thinking: "Not another emo rapper!" Not at all. There is a big difference between self loathing and self exploration. This record is a collection of songs that are, seemingly, pieces of an incredible dream.

There is no stumbling here or question of who Madison is as an artist. This is not the "feeler" that 'The Pro Log' was. This is the definition of. Mark my words ... Madison is long gone. Click the download link below and turn your eyes and ears toward the Vanilla Sky.

Collette - 'Coco by Request' (Deluxe Edition)

I first met Collette a few months ago at an event hosted by DJ Commish. We talked a little bit about our respective crafts and we kept in contact shortly thereafter. That also happened to be the same day she was featured on Soul Bounce again. It was our plan to collaborate on something but it still has not yet come to fruition. Blame me for that one.

Here we are just about to close out 2011 and 'Coco by Request', a release specifically for die hard Collette fans, is now taking a second tour as a deluxe edition. This time via South Carolina based indie label Sounds Familiar Records. Established fans of Collette got to request their favorite songs and the soul singer put together an EP of the most fitting selections. Prospective fans were treated to a truly unique experience and exposed to the great talent that is "Coco."

This new deluxe edition features all of the original songs from 'Coco by Request' plus some new remixes. Collette put the "stanky stank" on this record and further defines herself as a talent to watch in the R&B arena. Her ear for melodies and harmonies is fantastic and is supported by strong vocal ability. From soulful R&B riffs and runs to Scatting, Collette has got it all and knows how and when to showcase her abilities. It's a truly impressive collection of songs that I strongly recommend you check out.

The EP is available for purchase on all major digital outlets but I have some free samples for you below.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cee-Lo Green - "Anyway" Lyric Video

Forget T-Pain. This is the real rapper turned singer. Well, not so much that he turned singer but you know what I mean. Gearing up for the re-release of 'The Lady Killer' , this official lyric video released this morning for fans to rock out to.

As is his norm, Cee-Lo gives an incredible vocal performance over an alternative pop tune. His range is amazing and he's always so soulful. It's a surefire radio hit so expect to hear this one a lot whether you want to or not.