Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fjer - 'A New Start' EP

Meet Danish born singer Fjer. The singer, songwriter and producer recently relocated to New York, signed a deal with new imprint Quintic and released this 6 song EP, 'A New Start.' If you're one of those "this is my year" bots, you're already behind schedule. Fjer is puttin' in WORK.

The soul infused vocals of Fjer over bass heavy electro beats is like Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. Very easy to digest but the content is no joke. From the opening note of "Long Nights" (my favorite track) she draws you in. She then has her way with your sensibilities and then finally drops you off in deep space on "Against the World." It's really dope music with great range.

The intro has a Bjork like feel and the title track "A New Start" is very Imogen Heap in approach but overall Fjer has solidly established herself as an individual. I'm looking forward to hearing a full on project and hearing how she marries her Danish roots to her new life here in America.

Free stream and name your price download of the EP below...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brandon Rossi - "Pure at Heart"

"Pure at Heart" is the latest release from one of Atlanta's best kept secrets Brandon Rossi. The master of trap meets trend (I coined that myself.) shows time and time again that he has legitimate chops on the mic and on the boards.

The highly stylized sound and flow on this joint is just stupid. Brandon Rossi delivers his verses with perfect cadence that has just a pinch of Andre 3000 in it. It's very easy to get lost in the graceful production and rhythm but double back and listen to the lyrics. He is sharp. Very sharp.

Dope leak from the forthcoming 'Lost World' album. Though not pegged as a single, it certainly plays like one. Stream and download below...

Bad Rabbits - "Doin' It" Music Video

I always hear that the proverbial "they" don't make 'em like this anymore. Well, Bad Rabbits is proof that "they" do.

Taking inspiration from the sights of the 70's and sounds of the 80's the funk/soul/punk/rhythm and blues band Bad Rabbits gives another amazing song and visual called "Doin' It." The track is a grab from their full length album 'American Love' releasing May 14th.

It's an otherworldly mashup of melodies and harmonies that moves straight past your ears and makes a speedy detour down to your ass. These guys are really in their own lane and I LOVE IT! I haven't been this excited about a funk band since Mint Condition. Bad Rabbits are the next big deal.

Check out the video below and dust off your Cabbage Patch dance...

Monday, April 1, 2013

SK - "The Jab"

The jab. The single most important punch in boxing. You establish a strong jab and even if you don't have incredible knockout power, you can still win on points by beating your opponent with an effective jab. SK uses this analogy brilliantly to compare the art of Rap with boxing on "The Jab." The comparison works perfectly as both skills are bloodsport. If you want to win, you have to beat the next man.

In Rap, you have the chorus, verse and bridge. In boxing you have the hook, jab and uppercut. Follow me for a second with this in mind...

The chorus is the punch that hits you from the blind side. A repetitive punch that is effective but still not as important as the jab. You hit somebody with a strong chorus and they will remember it. The verse is the meat and potatoes of rhyming. If you can't put together quality verses time and time again, you can't be great. Ask any champion. Then there is the bridge. If you've mastered a complete combination, the bridge will take your attack to the next level and put your opponent on his ass.

SK puts on for Philly with this track. I'm ALL IN on this joint! Stream and download below.

Baiyu - "Cold Hearted"

Success isn't easy. It takes a largely selfish type of commitment that most people can't handle. Just think about the most successful people in any craft. They all were/are deeply committed to their craft. Whether it be art, or sports or fashion, the most successful of the bunch generally sacrifice many other things to give the proper time and energy to honing their skills.

Likely, the most challenging thing to balance with success is love. Relationships are difficult enough on their own but that difficulty is multiplied many times over when coupled with ambition. Love and success often become adversaries in competition for attention.

Baiyu tackles this theme in her new monthly release "Cold Hearted." Easily one of the most personable and genuine people I've ever met, Baiyu quips, "A lot of times people are intrigued by my lightheartedness despite everything I've been tasked and blessed with in life. At the same time, somehow I feel very closed in and hardened when it comes to love.

Check the stream and free download below. Happy Monday!