Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adrian Franks - "Electric Rox"

I first introduced you to the artwork of Adrian Franks on the last day of July of this year. He's a truly incredible creative mind. You've likely seen his work in passing as he's done commercial graphic design for Verizon, Wal-Mart, HP, Toyota, the U.S. Navy and many more.

At present, his most prominent work is his "Fearless" series of vector silhouette profiles of various leaders, celebrities, etc. I've selected a few of my favorites from the series below. I'm also very excited to announce that while I'm not an official addition to the series, I was fortunate enough to have Adrian put his creative spin on my profile. I'm thrilled with the result! The title is "Electric Rox."

Major thanks to Mr. Franks! This is awesome!

To keep up with Adrian and his art, click on his twitter link below or jump directly to his website:

Friday, November 25, 2011

T.L. Cross - "The World Soul EP" Vol. 1

Producer/Singer/Songwriter T.L. Cross is one of the best things shaking on the indie scene right now. You probably know him from "All Falls Down" with Jadakiss. That is probably the least relevant measure of his talent however. This guy has serious chops as a musician.

I've had the opportunity to see him perform live and believe me when I tell you that his show is off the chain. T.L. brings an energy from 90s R&B that is incredibly infectious. It doesn't sound like 90s R&B at all but there is a retro aura about the music. Maybe it's simply the fact that T.L. actually plays instruments and understands how to craft a full song with an intro, bridge, coda, etc.

The nearest comparison would be Ryan Leslie but T.L.'s work is much more "old soul". "The World Soul EP" is a fantastic showcase of T.L. Cross' abilities as a musician. From the uptempo "New York City Boy" to the downtempo of "How to Make Up", he shows his range as a vocalist, creativity as a producer and strength as a songwriter.

The project is available now on iTunes. Definitely support this wonderful independent artist and get the EP. You will not regret it. Click below to find T.L. on twitter and to preview the music on iTunes.

Bueller Da Don - "Post-Cards (Loaded)" and "Forgive Me"

It's Cruise 2 Fame Friday for the last time! The complete project will be releasing on Tuesday, November 29th. For the final installment you get a Black Friday BOGO deal. You don't actually have to buy anything though. 2 new tracks for your listening enjoyment.

The first of the two is "Post-Cards (Loaded)." Based on Sade's "War of the Hearts", Buell sends an audio postcard to detractors from the high side of the fly life. I don't have to tell you how slick this track is. It's got a Sade sample! The end.

The second track, "Forgive Me" features DCG affiliate Money Car$in. Both MCs drop bombs on this heavy rock/gothic feel track. Kudos to Money for kickin' his verse off with the perfect intro. I wish he would have delivered a little more of that initial cadence in the verse but it's stand out anyway. This track bangs heavy. After hearing all of the Cruise 2 Fame Friday releases, I'm all in for the full project. Buell has momentum on his side and he's constantly improving.

Stream both tracks below and check for the full project this coming Tuesday. You already know where to find it!

Bueller Da Don - "Post-cards" (Loaded) by RoxFontaine
Bueller Da Don - "Forgive Me" feat. Money Car$in by RoxFontaine

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes to you and your families. Enjoy the holiday and eat and be well!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 in AVision Magazine is featured in the Oct/Nov issue of AVision Magazine! Physical and digital copies are available at the link below. I'm very happy and proud to share my journey with you all and I hope that you will continue to walk with me. Please tweet, facebook and otherwise share with others. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Game Rebellion - "Rebel" Music Video

It's finally here! Remember when I told you about this shoot in September of last year? The band has finally posted the completed video. This is the second song from the 'Sounds Like a Riot' EP to get a video treatment.

I won't reiterate what happened at the shoot as you can read it in the link above. Plus, you now have the visuals to see for yourself. Click below to watch. Be sure to play it LOUD!