Saturday, December 31, 2011

Soope - "King" Music Video Exclusive

What better way to close out the year two thousand and eleven than with an exclusive music video from one of's favorite artists!?

It's been a fantastic year full of growth and love and I've gone from the blog that nobody ever heard of to the blog that a couple of people know about. I've tracked down some amazing music made manifest by some incredible independent artists and passed the word on to you. One such artist is Soope.

Watching his career develop right before our eyes is amazing. Watching his skill, awareness and creativity evolve is even more so. With this new video for "King" Soope basically puts an emphatic stamp on the outro to 2011. He does so using the most fitting theme possible for this year - protest.

Soope put in crazy work the last 12 months. He consistently gave us dope music, videos and insight to his development. I expect 2012 will be leaps and bounds above what we got this year from the Indiana native.

Check out the video below and have a very happy new year. Blessings to you and your families.

Soope "King" Music Video from Nick Brazinsky on Vimeo.

Muhsinah - "Stop!" Music Video

Muhsinah is a true gem. Her incredible talents as a musician are propelling her to soaring heights on the independent music scene. Her double EP 'Gone' released to critical acclaim and left fans new and old wanting for more. The DC area songstress answered the call with a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to support production of a new video, 'Gone' deluxe edition double CD pressing as well as a limited 12" vinyl pressing. She sweetened the deal for supporters by offering up her recording equipment; which included a condensor microphone, her iMac, an MPC 500 and a Kalimba. Of course, she crushed her goal and her bonus goal and we will be seeing a beefed up release, lots of swag and a brand new music video soon.

As an instant gratification for supporters she released this video for "Stop!" It's an incredibly ambitious video shot in stop motion format. The photographs used to compose this video number just under 20,000! Whoa. Kudos to Muhsinah and director Jelani Memory for giving us such a beautiful creative gift. Check the video out below and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Kweyah - "Love and Hate" Music Video

Kweyah (pronounced kwee-yuh) just blessed the web with a new song and video. On "Love and Hate" he gives a look at what he's working on for his upcoming project scheduled to launch behind that of his collaborator Laurelle. Details are sparse on this one but it's pretty dope either way. I assume this is just a "feeler" as last I heard his project is some time away.

Check the video below keep in tune with future music from Kweyah on

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

GhostWridah - 'The Michael Jordan Theory' EP

Timing is everything and GhostWridah has perfect timing. His latest FreEP is a 5 song masterpiece titled 'The Michael Jordan Theory.' Dade County's finest released the project on midnight of December 23rd. In conjunction with the biggest sneaker release of 2011 - The Air Jordan XI "Concord."

I don't know how long it took him to visualize, concept and craft this idea but he executed it flawlessly. Taking a page from Air Jordan's book of domination, Ghost is asserting himself in the industry as an equally unstoppable force. Where Mike soared over defenders on the basketball court, Ghost raps contenders under the table in the studio.

As soon as "The United Center Intro" kicks off, those of us who were fortunate enough to see Jordan play in his prime are whisked back to a much simpler time in our lives. A time when the latest video games only had 16-bit graphics and we had The Fun Police. "Fu-gee-la", "Elevators" and "Tha Crossroads" were hot on the radio. Tupac was still alive! The Chicago Bulls went 72-10. 1996 was the year specifically. It might have been the greatest year for ev'ry-blood-clat-ting.

GhostWridah is a professional.

He is in top form on TMJT and if he's Jordan, then producer Lowkey is Pippen. He's an animal in his own right, but he's the perfect musical compliment to the frontman. Production on this project is just ... stupid! As I've come to expect, Ghost completely destroys every verse on this project. He is a superstar on the cusp of a major breakthrough/breakout in music. He is literally one radio hit away. He has the flow, cadence, content and ear. He's one of a kind.

'The Michael Jordan Theory' is GhostWridah's first championship ring. 'American Alien' was an amazing release. This project raises the bar several notches with LESS material. I love concept projects and TMJT is perfect in every way.

Check the stream and download below and stay tuned to GhostWridah's career. Trust me, there will be lots of air....

P.S. What is that sample on "Black Super Hero" from? I've already ruled out Bulls vs. Blazers, Bulls vs. Lakers and Chaos in the Windy City.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Karina Pasian - "The Christmas Song"

image via artist's facebook

There aren't many people that can touch a Nat King Cole classic and bring anything new to it. Karina Pasian can ... and has. With her rendition of "The Christmas Song" listeners are treated to every bit of jazzy soul stirring musicality that she possesses. When she goes into her falsetto you just melt!
Add some 2011 to your holiday playlist and buy the song on iTunes or Amazon. Listen to the full song below.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Pack FM - "Want What's Mine" (BTSTU Remix) Music Video

"Say PackFM!" Now say it again. Repetition is the key to memorization.

Far and away one of my favorite underground artists, PackFM has grown so much as an artist over the last 8 years. He's always been vicious as a lyricist but often struggled with finding the right sound to carry his name beyond the world circle of "backpackers." Pack's talent is much bigger than that. To see him perform live is to really understand and feel what he is capable of. 

With "IFHR" Pack took his work to new heights. Finally, he had a project as dope musically as it was lyrically. Fans were reinvigorated and critics were wowed. Continuing with that new energy and understanding we got this music video for "Want What's Mine" on the web today.

*Cue Pack's stage dive*

You know what to do....

Sneakerbox Chock - "Left Turn" feat. Traxx Trigga

Chock is on the move. The 4th quarter of 2011 has been all music for him and his partner in rhyme, Bueller Da Don. Their joint release as The Running Matez, "Audio Mall," was very successful on the indie scene and even popped into the top 200 Hip-Hop albums on iTunes. Bueller dropped several songs leading up to his solo project "Cruise 2 Fame" and now Chock is adding more fuel to the fire raging in South Jersey.

On "Left Turn", Chock speaks on something that I've stood by my entire life. Sometimes, you have to turn left to stay in the right. Bro, you said the truth on this one. Keep turning left on 'em! 

Check the streaming audio below. Look for the official drop just under a week from now on December 20th on iTunes. 

SneakerBox Chock - "Left Turn" feat. Traxx Trigga by RoxFontaine

Monday, December 12, 2011

Tia London - "Love Junkie" FreEP

Babyface and Toni Braxton. Aaliyah and Timbaland. Brandy and Rodney Jerkins. Pharrell Williams and Kelis. Will.I.Am and Fergie. Ryan Leslie and Cassie. Okay, that last one might be stretching it a bit but you get the point. There is a new singer and producer combo on the rise that you need to be aware of:

Tia London and Traxster. 

The above ladies figured out their signature sound early and had very successful careers. Tia London seems to have called dibs on next. Her debut FreEP album "Love Junkie" is, in a word, fantastic. Produced entirely by Grammy nominated The Legendary Traxster. ("My Chick Bad" for Ludacris, "I Do It" for Big Sean) These two understand the importance of crafting a complete idea.

"Love Junkie" just became my favorite current R&B album. Even though it's not a straight R&B album. Tia is the perfect mix of street edge, soul, class and sexy. She has a soft seductive voice and in between belting out melodies and harmonies she'll drop a "hot 16" on you. It's entirely natural too. Most singers that I hear rapping make me cringe. Not Tia. It's just what she does and she does it extremely well.

All I want to know now is when she's playing in New York.

Check the stream below to listen to the album in its entirety and hit up her website to download the project. You're going to love this one!

Tia London - Love Junkie (Produced Entirely By The Legendary Traxster) by thelegendarytraxster

Friday, December 9, 2011

D-Why - "Kate Upton is the Motto"

A lot of rappers are trying to be D-Why. He's just being who he is. Funny how that works out.

I enjoy D-Why's music. There's plenty of posturing and braggadocio just as any other rapper but D-Why is, for me, the equivalent to walking into a NYC bar full of "Hipsters" and tapping someone at random with a magical wand of rap mastery. The WVU grad is as legit as they come in both honesty and ability. That's just dope ... because it's different. Different without effort.

On "Kate Upton is the Motto" he gives a little mack game to the lady listeners over "I Save Strippers'" "The Motto" and then segues into a "freestyle" over the infectious "Rack City" instrumental. Check it out and enjoy.

D-WHY - "Kate Upton Is The Motto" by RoxFontaine

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Soul Khan - "Mr. Governor"

Soul Khan drops another great track today from his latest EP Pursuance, also debuting today. The six song release is heavy on soul samples, Fat Beats (pun intended) and dope rhymes.

This is when I love the "traditional" underground sound. Soul Khan is not trapped in the backpacking for the sake of backpacking styling of many underground rappers. He really has an ear for good music. It's the Boom Bap that purists love but has the sonic quality that any Rap fan can love.

Akie Bermiss adds a Cee-Loesque hook and Khan delivers his usual gritty "fear the beard" flow. It works perfectly together. Check it out and the link below and, of course, support the artist and BUY.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tiffany Monique - "Anytime" Music Video

Lovely. That's the first thing that comes to mind when I think of Tiffany Monique. She has Southern Belle grace, New York City attitude and world class talent. She's a true diva and a success story on many different levels.

After another tour with Beyonce, Tiffany hopped back to work on her 2nd feature music video. Again directed by Monstar Films. This one is much more polished and personal than "Nemesis" is. I love that it's just Tiffany and her amazing voice. Check it out and, of course, let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Adrian Franks - "Electric Rox"

I first introduced you to the artwork of Adrian Franks on the last day of July of this year. He's a truly incredible creative mind. You've likely seen his work in passing as he's done commercial graphic design for Verizon, Wal-Mart, HP, Toyota, the U.S. Navy and many more.

At present, his most prominent work is his "Fearless" series of vector silhouette profiles of various leaders, celebrities, etc. I've selected a few of my favorites from the series below. I'm also very excited to announce that while I'm not an official addition to the series, I was fortunate enough to have Adrian put his creative spin on my profile. I'm thrilled with the result! The title is "Electric Rox."

Major thanks to Mr. Franks! This is awesome!

To keep up with Adrian and his art, click on his twitter link below or jump directly to his website:

Friday, November 25, 2011

T.L. Cross - "The World Soul EP" Vol. 1

Producer/Singer/Songwriter T.L. Cross is one of the best things shaking on the indie scene right now. You probably know him from "All Falls Down" with Jadakiss. That is probably the least relevant measure of his talent however. This guy has serious chops as a musician.

I've had the opportunity to see him perform live and believe me when I tell you that his show is off the chain. T.L. brings an energy from 90s R&B that is incredibly infectious. It doesn't sound like 90s R&B at all but there is a retro aura about the music. Maybe it's simply the fact that T.L. actually plays instruments and understands how to craft a full song with an intro, bridge, coda, etc.

The nearest comparison would be Ryan Leslie but T.L.'s work is much more "old soul". "The World Soul EP" is a fantastic showcase of T.L. Cross' abilities as a musician. From the uptempo "New York City Boy" to the downtempo of "How to Make Up", he shows his range as a vocalist, creativity as a producer and strength as a songwriter.

The project is available now on iTunes. Definitely support this wonderful independent artist and get the EP. You will not regret it. Click below to find T.L. on twitter and to preview the music on iTunes.

Bueller Da Don - "Post-Cards (Loaded)" and "Forgive Me"

It's Cruise 2 Fame Friday for the last time! The complete project will be releasing on Tuesday, November 29th. For the final installment you get a Black Friday BOGO deal. You don't actually have to buy anything though. 2 new tracks for your listening enjoyment.

The first of the two is "Post-Cards (Loaded)." Based on Sade's "War of the Hearts", Buell sends an audio postcard to detractors from the high side of the fly life. I don't have to tell you how slick this track is. It's got a Sade sample! The end.

The second track, "Forgive Me" features DCG affiliate Money Car$in. Both MCs drop bombs on this heavy rock/gothic feel track. Kudos to Money for kickin' his verse off with the perfect intro. I wish he would have delivered a little more of that initial cadence in the verse but it's stand out anyway. This track bangs heavy. After hearing all of the Cruise 2 Fame Friday releases, I'm all in for the full project. Buell has momentum on his side and he's constantly improving.

Stream both tracks below and check for the full project this coming Tuesday. You already know where to find it!

Bueller Da Don - "Post-cards" (Loaded) by RoxFontaine
Bueller Da Don - "Forgive Me" feat. Money Car$in by RoxFontaine

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Best wishes to you and your families. Enjoy the holiday and eat and be well!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011 in AVision Magazine is featured in the Oct/Nov issue of AVision Magazine! Physical and digital copies are available at the link below. I'm very happy and proud to share my journey with you all and I hope that you will continue to walk with me. Please tweet, facebook and otherwise share with others. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Game Rebellion - "Rebel" Music Video

It's finally here! Remember when I told you about this shoot in September of last year? The band has finally posted the completed video. This is the second song from the 'Sounds Like a Riot' EP to get a video treatment.

I won't reiterate what happened at the shoot as you can read it in the link above. Plus, you now have the visuals to see for yourself. Click below to watch. Be sure to play it LOUD!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Soope - "Reggie Martin Style" Music Video

Where in the world is Soope is a legitimate question. You never know where he may pop up. For his latest music video from the 'Where in the World is Soope' album, the place is Macau, China. The Indiana based rapper takes it to the Venetian Macau for a show and video shoot for "Reggie Martin Style."

Who's Reggie Martin? He's the Senior Manager of Special Events and Sports at the Venetian Macau. He's also the Vice Chair of the American Chambers of Commerce. That's just the short list. Reggie came from very humble beginnings in East Chicago to rubbing elbows with the biggest names in entertainment around the world. Soope pays homage to Reggie's history and influence with an aptly named song.

'Where in the World is Soope' is available now on iTunes. It's a dope album hosted by DJ Skee featuring some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop including Rick Ross, Jadakiss, Ice-T, Rev Run, DJ Envy and more. Check the video below:

Late Pass: Cocoa Sarai - "Raining in my Room" Audio

I hereby declare Cocoa Sarai the Queen of Indie R&B.  That is, until she gets a record deal. Then she'll be the heir to the throne. You can decide for yourself who's sitting on it now? Mary J. Blige? Alicia Keys? Chrisette Michele? It doesn't really matter because Cocoa is different from them, or anyone else for that matter. She's got her own thing.

With her latest release, "Raining in my Room", she again impresses with her incredible ear, range and lyricism. She's a total package. I've seen her perform on more than one occasion and she is a really dynamic performer. Her tiny frame can barely contain her huge stage presence and self awareness.

When I tell you this song is a HIT, I mean that if this song was sold to a major label artist, it would debut at #1. Cocoa is not a major label artist yet, but this song still debuted at #1. Number 1 in the hearts of her fans and supporters. She's such a gifted talent and it's just a matter of time before she gets her just due. Check the audio below. Enjoy! Your playlist just got a whole lot fresher...

01 Cocoa Sarai- Raining In My Room (Prod. Jayd) by legendfactceo

Friday, November 18, 2011

Che Pills - "Large in the Streets" Music Video

Rap is getting dangerous again! Che Pills takes Vado's "Large in the Streets" instrumental and completely bodies it. This dark and muddy, Timberland and skully feel is my kind of music. Che is an agressive lyricist but knowing his story and his goals helps one better understand the lyrics. I would get into some of those details but they are best saved for another time.

This is the first leak from the forthcoming album, 'Survivings IV Suckers.' Trust me when I tell you it will be a heavy album with some classic material on it. I actually had the opportunity to sit with Che in-studio and hear a couple of tracks. I was blown away. You will be too.

Star Slinger - "Dumbin'" Diplo Remix Audio

The idea that Mountain Dew has a record label is a little unsettling at first thought. It actually makes perfect sense though and if major labels aren't careful, these product companies might be another dagger for them alongside the internet. It also helps when they are cosigning legitimately dope musicians. After all, it's only about the music. It doesn't matter where it comes from.

British producer Star Slinger dropped this Diplo produced remix to "Dumbin'" yesterday and it's on point. I'm new to this artists work but I'll definitely be tuned in going forward. Check out the audio below.

Star Slinger - Dumbin' feat. Reggie B (DIPLO Remix) by Star Slinger

via StereoGum

Bueller Da Don feat. Royce Castro - "Parachute" Audio

Cruise 2 Fame Friday is back for round two. This time Bueller brings along Royce Castro for "Parachute". The Klint Beast produced track takes me back to when Kanye's 'The College Dropout' released. Sped up soul samples were the mode and it was a relatively fun time for Hip-Hop. Then came auto-tune....

This track is almost a complete 180 from last weeks "I Get It." Not a bad thing considering Buell has shown regularly that he can do anything. He's obviously a fan of Hip-Hop and enjoys stretching himself as far as possible. This new leak is yet another score for Bueller and I'm convinced that 'Cruise 2 Fame' will be the business. Definitely check here for the full project on the 29th.

Click below for streaming audio. "Ahaaaaaaa!"

  Bueller Da Don feat. Royce Castro - "Parachute" by RoxFontaine

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indie Artist Showcase 101

Last night I went to an indie artist showcase. 2 things happened while I was there. I was reminded why I stopped going to indie showcases was the first. The second was, I was reminded why I go to them. I'm not going to name the showcase or where it was. What I will do is speak on some of the things that irked me. Showcases are nothing new and there are some very simple rules to follow to protect the integrity of your name/event and keep people coming back.

1. RSVP aka Let me see if anybody is even coming.

If you send out an e-mail saying that people can RSVP for free entrance, be sure to actually compile and monitor the list. If you have a limit to the RSVP list, say so. Also notify guests who RSVP after your cutoff via e-mail 2-4 hours before your scheduled start time. It's more professional. It's the courteous thing to do. It's thoroughly annoying when a guest reads that entrance is free with RSVP and then he/she arrives at the venue and is charged. It makes you look like a lying douche bag. (Which you probably are if you didn't do what I'm talking about.)

2. Raffles aka The dangling carrot trick.

If you SELL raffle tickets and you claim there are prizes to be won. Everything that you listed should be drawn for whether your crowd is 10, 100 or 1000. You should also set a finite time for the raffle to happen. People don't stay for long showcases so thinking that holding the raffle until the end will keep people around is just stupid. What you will do is limit your raffle ticket sales to next to nothing. Not raffling off what you said you would is false advertising and, more importantly, bad business. Saying you have X number of Y to raffle off and none of it actually was makes you look like a lying douche bag. Trying to lie and say that some of it was is proof that you are. Especially when the person you're lying to was there from the time the show started to the time the last person performed.(Ahem.)

3. Performance Order aka Why is this dope performer playing to a crowd of 5?

Indie artists need help. Showcases serve the purpose of helping small acts gain exposure. However, there are still some rules to who performs when. If you have no fan base and could only convince your Mom and three cousins to come support you; Sorry, you're opening for whoever showed up on time or closing for whoever is left. Show order should move from a hum to a roar. It's completely stupid for an artist that has toured nationally and brought two backup dancers to be waiting around for hours to perform for a tired and listless crowd of 15. He/She should be in the middle of the show helping to ramp the energy up. If you can't figure this out as a promoter, you're doomed. (Get your $#!7 together!)

4. Hosting aka Wait.....what?

You can't do it all. Even if you can, you shouldn't. You can't be 1 of 3 hosts and performing. Have one host that is knowledgeable, engaging and good at keeping the show moving. Having 3 and 4 hosts swapping in and out at random completely wrecks the flow of the show. Definitely don't get up on stage to co-host and then break out into 16 bars. Come on, Son! How am I supposed to take you seriously as an artist when you can't just be an artist? (Neeeeext.)

These are just 4 simple rules to follow. This is NYC. There are a million other showcases out there. Truly separate your event by being above and beyond the competition in guest experience. Especially when you are attempting to start a periodic event. Abuse your guests and artists and your event won't last beyond 3 iterations.

Tell 'em Rox said that!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bueller Da Don - "I Get It" Audio

The DCG boys never stop working! 'Audio Mall' is only 2 months old and Bueller is already nearing the realese of his solo project, 'Cruise 2 Fame.' Every Friday in between now and November 29th Buell will be release new songs to ramp up anticipation for the album.

First in the series but 2nd leak from the album, "I Get It" is a complete 180 from the previous leak. No word on whether this song is on the album or not. Click below to listen:

Bueller Da Don - "I Get It" by RoxFontaine

Madison - 'Vanilla Sky'

Madison is probably the most dangerous artist you've never heard of. Dangerous because he's lyrically gifted enough to outshine your favorite rapper ... whoever that may be. Dangerous because his musical direction is Euro infused melodic fancy without the auto-tuned rap ballad styling of Drake. Dangerous because he has the ability to be an overnight success.

Everything that Madison is starts with his voice. He has a tonal quality that commands attention at his first utterance. It's a special kind of power and control that's almost preacher like. A captivating sound like that of Tupac. This is not to say that Madison is all style and no substance. Once the voice draws you in, you are exposed to the pristine delivery Madison posseses. His lyrics are incredibly witty, personal and truthful. "Me and my Pops wasn't speakin', and every day that we didn't my soul got weakened." and "Lost here in my thoughts. All this privacy that I've gained thanks to all this s**t that I've lost. And if these 4 walls could talk, they'd probably drown me in my own f*****g sorrow." are just two great examples.

I know what you're thinking: "Not another emo rapper!" Not at all. There is a big difference between self loathing and self exploration. This record is a collection of songs that are, seemingly, pieces of an incredible dream.

There is no stumbling here or question of who Madison is as an artist. This is not the "feeler" that 'The Pro Log' was. This is the definition of. Mark my words ... Madison is long gone. Click the download link below and turn your eyes and ears toward the Vanilla Sky.

Collette - 'Coco by Request' (Deluxe Edition)

I first met Collette a few months ago at an event hosted by DJ Commish. We talked a little bit about our respective crafts and we kept in contact shortly thereafter. That also happened to be the same day she was featured on Soul Bounce again. It was our plan to collaborate on something but it still has not yet come to fruition. Blame me for that one.

Here we are just about to close out 2011 and 'Coco by Request', a release specifically for die hard Collette fans, is now taking a second tour as a deluxe edition. This time via South Carolina based indie label Sounds Familiar Records. Established fans of Collette got to request their favorite songs and the soul singer put together an EP of the most fitting selections. Prospective fans were treated to a truly unique experience and exposed to the great talent that is "Coco."

This new deluxe edition features all of the original songs from 'Coco by Request' plus some new remixes. Collette put the "stanky stank" on this record and further defines herself as a talent to watch in the R&B arena. Her ear for melodies and harmonies is fantastic and is supported by strong vocal ability. From soulful R&B riffs and runs to Scatting, Collette has got it all and knows how and when to showcase her abilities. It's a truly impressive collection of songs that I strongly recommend you check out.

The EP is available for purchase on all major digital outlets but I have some free samples for you below.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Cee-Lo Green - "Anyway" Lyric Video

Forget T-Pain. This is the real rapper turned singer. Well, not so much that he turned singer but you know what I mean. Gearing up for the re-release of 'The Lady Killer' , this official lyric video released this morning for fans to rock out to.

As is his norm, Cee-Lo gives an incredible vocal performance over an alternative pop tune. His range is amazing and he's always so soulful. It's a surefire radio hit so expect to hear this one a lot whether you want to or not.

Friday, November 4, 2011

LeCrae & Statik Selektah - "Live & Let Live" Music Video

image via
The promo push for the 'Population Control' album has been phenomenal. Timely audio leaks and music videos have kept the buzz about the album at a steady pace for months now. Keeping in time with previous releases, we have a new music video to talk about with "Live & Let Live." LeCrae handles the verses on this one and gives a fantastic performance for the partially animated video.

Click. Watch. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

YC the Cynic - "More and More" NC Remix

image via

Following up the super dope video for "More and More" last month, YC brings us the North Carolina remix featuring Big Pooh, King Mez and Chaundon. All rappers making their splash from the Tar Heel state. This is a great look for YC! 

Audio stream and free download below. Are you digging the original or remix better?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fev - Voted Most Likely to Succeed

The wait is over! Eastside Fev has finally put out another mixtape to hold us over until 'Propaganda'. I couldn't be happier as Fev is one of my favorite indy artists and this project release coincides with my birthday.

I was put on to Fev early in his career. Hearing him on this project, as well as the leaks up to this point, I can clearly hear the growth. This Fev is sharper, wittier and more aggressive. He's truly locked in to who he is as an artist. He's matured and it is made apparent on tracks like "Buddha & Grandz Musik", "So Tired" and "Friday Morning."

As usual, Fev put together a complete experience on #VMLS. I can only imagine what Propaganda will be. The leaks I've heard so far and the art direction have been phenomenal. Until we get an official date, I'll be rockin' out to #VMLS. Click the download link below and catch the Feva.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Red Eye - "Step Aside"

You know how I discovered The Closers? Blackberry Messenger. Honest to goodness. The teams CEO Big Mike sent me links to some new tracks and videos from Shabaam Sahdeeq and he was also promoting The Closers. The video was for "Night Time" featuring Sadat X and General Steele of Smif-N-Wessun. That was late 2009. I didn't keep up with their movement but I do remember the work being solid all around.

Fast forward to today and this video from The Closers member Red Eye has rekindled my interest. The man goes guerilla with the bars! With lines like "Y'all dudes is little like fonts with the caps off." and "Who wake up in the morning and turn their swag on? True players never turn their swag off!" you can't help but listen with a sharp ear. Red Eye is an MC for real and "Step Aside" is a great nod to the Hip-Hop of yesteryear with a healthy helping of right now.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Mistah F.A.B. - "Bring the Classics Back"

I thought Mistah F.A.B. was a dumb Hyphy rapper. Not Hyphy dumb, but unintelligent dumb. All of his recent releases have spoken to the contrary however. This latest release is an ode to the music that led up to and defined the "Golden Era" of Hip-Hop. From the corner freestyle opening he transitions to the music video for "Bring the Classics Back."

It's standard fare as far as roll call songs go, but it's still enjoyable and worth sharing. F.A.B. has turned me 180 on his music and I'm glad. Music shouldn't be stationary. I'll be checking for him going forward and you should too. Click below to check out a little Hip-Hop history.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Young Chris - "Still Creeping" Music Video

This song took me by surprise. I listen to well over 100 new tracks a week and this grabbed me in the first couple of bars. I first brought you the audio in my weekly commentary track for Now we have a video to go along with Young Chris' song that feels like a "freestyle." The beat has a dope throwback feel and is stripped perfectly for verbal exercise. I just dig it.

Can't help but respect this new grind. I was certain he and Neef would be one hit wonders. Instead, he has a new deal, some great help and a bunch of quality tracks out right now. The album titled 'The Revival' is set to release early November. 


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bueller Da Don - "Good 4 Me"

This is the first single from Bueller's upcoming solo project, 'Cruise 2 Fame' scheduled to drop next month. Buell enlists producer Sunny Norway to handle the production and he brings his signature eerie Euro sample styling similar to that of "Sunday Breeze" which he produced for Wale. This track is much more focused and mellow than that though.

It actually works out to be a fantastic new direction for Bueller's sound. Previous work has been more youthful and boastful and this track shows maturity. If this is the lane he's taking for the album, I'm definitely signing up for this one. The track is free to stream here and available for purchase NOW at all major digital outlets. Click to listen and SUPPORT INDEPENDENT ARTISTS!

Bueller Da Don - "Good 4 Me" by RoxFontaine

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Niko Villamor - 'Inertia'

First of all, happy (belated by the time you read this) birthday to Villa! In celebration of his born day, we finally receive 'Inertia.' The project is a freeze frame of a different time and space in Villas life. Listening to the music, you learn that it was a tumultuous time. From the dark opening of "Suicide Practice" to the melancholy "Kevlar Heart" to the final "Funeral Speech", Niko gives you pieces of himself set to perfectly complimentary sonic canvases.

The tone of the album is very quiet. It's equivalent to sneaking and reading someone's diary. It's extremely rare for an MC to get so personal without sounding broken or pathetic. This is honest music that showcases Niko's intelligence, heart and strength. The project is wholly cohesive and songs work together like a staircase. Each track takes you to another level. It's a truly impressive album.

Click below to download the album. It's a fantastic journey that you shouldn't miss.