Friday, November 11, 2011

Collette - 'Coco by Request' (Deluxe Edition)

I first met Collette a few months ago at an event hosted by DJ Commish. We talked a little bit about our respective crafts and we kept in contact shortly thereafter. That also happened to be the same day she was featured on Soul Bounce again. It was our plan to collaborate on something but it still has not yet come to fruition. Blame me for that one.

Here we are just about to close out 2011 and 'Coco by Request', a release specifically for die hard Collette fans, is now taking a second tour as a deluxe edition. This time via South Carolina based indie label Sounds Familiar Records. Established fans of Collette got to request their favorite songs and the soul singer put together an EP of the most fitting selections. Prospective fans were treated to a truly unique experience and exposed to the great talent that is "Coco."

This new deluxe edition features all of the original songs from 'Coco by Request' plus some new remixes. Collette put the "stanky stank" on this record and further defines herself as a talent to watch in the R&B arena. Her ear for melodies and harmonies is fantastic and is supported by strong vocal ability. From soulful R&B riffs and runs to Scatting, Collette has got it all and knows how and when to showcase her abilities. It's a truly impressive collection of songs that I strongly recommend you check out.

The EP is available for purchase on all major digital outlets but I have some free samples for you below.

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