Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sneakerbox Chock - "Nah Never" Music Video

After a performance at the last BET Music Matters event and just before his upcoming performance at the SOHO Apple Store, Sneakerbox Chock keeps the momentum going with a new music video. Shot in Camden, NJ the video is for Traxx Trigga produced "Nah Never." This is the first track to drop since the debut of his new site www.WhoIsChock.com.

I had a chance to meet up with Chock a few weeks ago in Philly and he promised to bring out all the stops this summer. "Nah Never" is just the tip of the iceberg. If you're in the NYC area, definitely drop by for his performance at the Apple Store on June 22nd. Details on his website under Events. Sneakerbox Chock and his band Soundwayve are something serious!

In the meantime, get into this music video. Competition is on alert. Chock said he ain't losin'...

DA the Future - "So Clear" Music Video

DA the Future is one of my favorite indie artists working. I'm always hyped up when I get a notice that he dropped some new material. Clearly a rappers rapper, he keeps a great balance of street and book smarts apparent in his lyrics. He easily couples hard lyrics and aggressive delivery with the easy melodic piano line and strings.

The Long Island native hasn't dropped a track yet that didn't have me stopping to really take in the lyrics. "So Clear" is no exception. DA the Future is a serious writer and a prime example of expressing Hip-Hop as fine art. Everybody can't do what he does. Many artists talk about their connection to music but it's often just side talk. You can hear and feel it in the music that he SEES it first. These aren't just random strings of nonsense thrown together because they rhyme.

Check out the music video for "So Clear" and keep an eye and ear out for DA...

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Vanessa Elisha - 'Don't Go' EP

I've been chomping at the bit to hear this EP and it's finally here! Fresh off of Memorial Day weekend, Aussie soul singer Vanessa Elisha delivers her first EP 'Don't Go.' I've been saying I need to put all new music in my car and this EP is just the right push I needed to clear everything out.

Vanessa has already made a significant imprint on the indie R&B/Soul scene with her singles "Home to Me" and "Blur" and now has 3 more goodies to fill out her EP. She has a really great thing going with producer GXNXVS (genius) and 'Don't Go' is an extremely strong debut because of it. I always enjoy the contrast of hard and smooth and they have just that with GXNXVS' 808 laced tracks and Vanessa Elisha's soft and sensual vocals.

I can't wait to hear a proper album from this girl. She put her foot in this joint!

Grab the stream and download below...

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bueller Da Don - "Gettin' Mine"

One of the things I most respect about Bueller Da Don's music is his work ethic. He's always trying to push his sound, try new things and make legitimate hit songs. That's the difference between pros and joes; understanding the work. I first heard this joint back in February but he put it on the back burner until it got a proper mix and master.

The track is here now and it sounds like radio. Buell switches up his delivery a little bit to compliment the "Trap" sound that producer Klint Beastwood hooked up yet still keeps his cadence. "Gettin' Mine" is par for the course as far as these types of songs go but the head nod is undeniable.

I think this joint is on the upcoming 'Cruise 2 Fame II' project but don't quote me on that. Check the stream and download below... It's DCG or nothing, babe!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

F.Y.I. - "Clap Clap"

What do you get when you take an uptempo party song that lyrically warns of all the dangers involved in the party scene? You get F.Y.I.'s "Clap Clap." While this may sound counterproductive, it actually makes for intriguing work.

F.Y.I. is super nice with the pen. Really showcasing the poetry involved in writing raps, he puts together 3 verses that really play well over the driving "four to the floor" Afro-Cuban rhythm. He touches on street violence, sex and drugs and cleverly works them into a rapid fire delivery. It's so stylized that it's easy to miss the lyrics just listening to the flow. When you do tune in though, the content is strong.

This is a really creative and daring track. I mess wit' it heavy. Free stream and download below...

Friday, May 10, 2013

S.K. - "I Just Came to Ball"

Do you remember when Stephen Curry took relative unknown Davidson to the Midwest Regional Final against powerhouse, and subsequent tournament champions, Kansas? He single handedly busted millions of tournament pick 'em brackets, including mine.

Stephen Curry is still killing 'em quietly. I mean, it's no secret that he's one of the best guards playing in the NBA today but he still doesn't have the top billing that a LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or even Chris Paul has. None of the fanfare matters however. Steph Curry comes to ball. Every. Single. Night.

Like Steph Curry, (S.K.'s example, not mine.) S.K. just came to ball in the Rap game. The noise may be here or there for this artist or that one but S.K. is a silent assassin in his own right. Sent in late yesterday for his Thursday Takeover series, "I Just Came to Ball" is another savage attack from the Philly native MC.  

He has bars for days, the voice of a Spartan and an incredible ear for beats. This joint is certified Hip-Hop! Get some...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exclusive: Rubie Evans - "It's Okay"

I've been listening to a lot of down tempo music in recent weeks so this track is right on time. I had no idea what to expect going into this track. Rubie Evans is entirely new to my radar, but that is the greatest joy in doing what I do. I get all sorts of surprises that can change a moment, a day, maybe even a life.

Rubie Evans is a New York City based singer and songwriter looking to take Uptown upstage. Her single, "It's Okay" really stopped me. I was taken aback by the calm and quiet of it all. Without all of the excess, I was really able to get into the truth of the song. That is not an easy thing to do. To be this private in public is always beautiful...

...and beautiful best describes this song. Rubie does a fantastic job with this track. Though there were some technical issues for me, it didn't matter. This girl can sing and this song is dope! The melody and sentiment trump any other issues.

The track is pulled from her forthcoming 'MISSunderstood' album due this summer. No date has been set as of yet. You already know to stay tuned to RoxFontaine.com for updates. Hold on to this in the meantime...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brandon Rossi & Villa - "Friends & Foes"

These guys are sounding like the blueprint for cool. A truly original sound, creative lyricism and genuine camaraderie make for one of the most interesting independent duos in the game right now. Brandon Rossi and Villa are puttin' on for the ATL!

"Friends and Foes" is super fly. "Plair" as Villa would say. I've been covering these two for quite some time and this track really jumps out at me. Reason being, this is the first time I've heard Brandon's production devoid of his signature big pads full of reverb and/or super heavy 808 drums. This cut is perfectly quiet. Balanced and strong on groove.

As is par for the course, Villa talks super slick through the verse. I mean, only he could use crustaceans so effortlessly in a rhyme. Brandon Rossi gets his propers too. He swagged all over this with flow after flow. This is easily one of the best joints they've dropped ever.

I mess with this hardbody. Dig in y'all...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Velous - "Larger Than Life" Music Video

When I first saw the making of teaser for "Larger Than Life" I was already all in on the track. Velous is an amazing musician and his production is off the damn charts. He's a multi-instrumentalist and he has real chops as a singer. Put that together with an impeccable ear for space, timing and what speaks to the ass and you have what you are about to hear.

Velous has been a hot topic on the blog scene. He's been featured everywhere and highly regarded as the next best thing on the R&B circuit. While there is a strong offering of male soloists in the mainstream right now, I think Velous is a serious contender. Much in the way that Ryan Leslie has his corner of the market, Velous is the same type of talent. He can do anything he wants to do.

This track is soooooo ridiculous, y'all. This dude is outta here...

Exclusive: Aviant Redz - "Boudit Ambitions"

This track was difficult to listen to. Then I remembered that, often times, the most beautiful art expresses some of the ugliest truths. "Boudit Ambitions" is a dark tale of a girl who is sexually promiscuous for the sake of financial gain. While the approach is explicit, it's fitting and timely. While objectifying women is nothing new, it is further perpetuated in this age of reality TV. Many young women are objectifying themselves to meet the TVs standard of celebrity and sexy.

What made the track so difficult to digest was the fact that South Floridian artist Aviant Redz is just 16 years old. This is the cold reality that our young people live in today. So while the content is shocking, Aviant's awareness is impressive. He has strong ability and vision.

I first told you to look out for him back in February. Now I'm telling you that this young man is a true artist. I hope he has the right team around him to get him to the next level.

Check the stream below and remember where you heard it first...

Skyzoo - "Range Rover Rhythm" Music Video

Brooklyn wunderkind Skyzoo hit us with another music video from his 'A Dream Deferred' album yesterday via MTV. You can always expect stellar work from Skyzoo and this is no exception lyrically and sonically. Jahlil Beats (Holla at me!) handles the production and Sky gives his standard (but not standard) never ending cadence.

The video was all too literal for my tastes but the visual is clean and the song is dope. "Range Rover Rhythm" is as complex and intricate as the best of any Skyzoo song so you can easily ignore the visual and zone out to the sound.

Check it out for yourself and if you haven't heard 'A Dream Deferred' something is wrong with you.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Marck Jai - "Let's Get It"

Let me start off by saying this: Please explain to me why this artist doesn't have at least a single deal off of this song. Somebody. Anybody.

Apparently, the track is finally getting proper promo and I'll take it late over never in this case. Newcomer Marck Jai has a legitimate hit record on his hands with "Let's Get It." The song is a tribute to Michael Jackson and will truly shock you. In 99.9% of cases, you just don't touch Michael Jackson. Especially as a rapper. However, Marck Jai has done something truly special with this track.

The song marries a medley of Michael Jackson hits with the trap sound. I would never expect this to work but this track is flat out incredible! Marck and producer Jai Bake display amazing songwriting skills and creativity. This is a really big record that should be getting support from coast to coast.

Hit the play button and prepare to be amazed...

Exclusive: Bugatti Biggz - "Big Talk" Music Video

Harlem's best kept secret is stepping out from the shadows and looking to put a mark on the NY Hip-Hop scene. We first brought you the stellar release "Insanity." Now we have the music video for "Big Talk." 

Bugatti Biggz is something else. The sound, the aggressiveness, the beats... we haven't heard anything like this in a long time in NY. He sounds like New York and New York only! No crossover, trap, southern drawl or Cali swag here. Just the concrete and cold sound of Uptown.

This track knocks for real and Bugatti Biggz is a problem. Check the video out and keep your eyes and ears open for this guy.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Alpha Male Society - "A on the Fitted" feat. Thee Tom Hardy

A+ for this posse cut from Alpha Male Society featuring Thee Tom Hardy. This record really takes me back to my teenage years listening to late night radio freestyles."A on the Fitted" is quintessential Hip-Hop. Beats and rhymes. No excess.

The crew consists of 3 members; Diablo Archer, H2OKZ and Mallz. Each members verse is handled well but H2OKZ's staccato flow stood out most for me. Overall, "A on the Fitted" just feels right. The crew does North Carolina proud.

Stream and free download down bottom and look for 'Background Check 2' on May 20th.  

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Baiyu - "This Feeling"

New month, new music from Baiyu. The streak continues with "This Feeling" and oh, what a feeling it is! The Chinese-American soul singer absolutely crushes this one with a breathy performance that puts me in the mind of Phil Collins' classic "Take Me Home" with it's rhythmic lead line. The big kick of the bass drum is driven by the sweeping pads and just takes off with the chorus.

"This Feeling" is the much more pleasant upside to the previous release, "Mourning Hangover." After the pain of heartbreak, we get to experience the joy of new love. Another fantastic lyric from Baiyu and soaring production.

Get the stream and download below and mark your calendars for June 1st...

Monday, April 29, 2013

Loud Music Tour NYC - Photo Recap

Check out this brief photo recap of the NYC stop of the Loud Music Tour. Far and away one of the best independent artists showcases I've ever been to. The roster was jam packed with quality talent (signed and unsigned) and each artist brought their own brand of energy and music to the Santos Party House stage.

Big up to VIII for the invite. Make sure you look out for the Loud Music Tour in one of 4 cities; NYC, Philly, Atlanta and DC.

Click images to enlarge.

Bones HR brought his Philly flavor up north.

Daniel Van Gogh turned up with his band! 

Dom O. Briggs hanging out backstage. 

K-Prime coolin' out before his set. 

Smoove came through supporting Bones HR and repping Regular Living. 

Tiago Magro is the livest DJ of all time. 

Trippz Michaud gave us ratchet and romantic all in the same set. 

Anesha shut the entire room up when she started to sing "Broke." 

Tess showing us how Hip Rock n' B is done.

Zoo Beeze put together a high energy set with his band.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hippie Sabotage - "Riding Solo" Instrumental Music Video

The west coast production duo (sometimes trio) known as Hippie Sabotage has consistently kept it fresh and original. Not only with their sound, but also with their promotion. Not content to just throw their work out there to sit in a pool of unknowns waiting for something to happen, they've taken a much more creative approach.

In addition to releasing now 4 instrumental albums, they have a signature visual element that accompanies their work. The latest showcase of their artistic vision is "Riding Solo" a very well done music video starring model Giza Lagarce. The production is top notch as usual. Heavy 808 drums and 303 snares drive the groove behind an eerie screwed Njomza sample. The joint knocks so crazy... it's ridiculous.

Hit that play button...

Exclusive: Fev - "Bad Man's World" Music Video

The industry doesn't want you to hear Fev. It's too dangerous. If ever y'all stop diddy boppin' and twerkin', you might actually have a thought. You might have a thought that turns into action. That action might be rebellion. The "powers that be" can't have that so they keep the content focused on telling you that you're a minority in every sense of the word.

Fev has made it his personal mission to give you thoughts. He has his own brand of propaganda delivered as beats and rhymes instead of cleverly designed posters and quotes. His latest propaganda is the music video for "Bad Man's World" which he co-directs with Porter Vision. The thought here is, "What is good in a bad man's world?"

The Eastside Harlem MC's aggressive and staccato flow is perfect for dishing out the raw lyricism he has mastered over the last 4 years. "Bad Man's World" is a fantastic concept that plays beautifully in rhyme and in video form. The High Enterprise representative Red Inf sets the tone in the opening scene and his brief commentary throughout does a great job of carrying the narrative forward.

I love what Fev is up to and I'm super excited for y'all to see this joint! So hop to it....

Moronika - "Make It Ash" Ep. 1 (The Coddett Project) Music Video

This is a departure from what you normally see here on the site, but change is good. If I decide to bring you something here you KNOW it's good.

Breaking on the webseries scene is newcomer Kerry Coddett with her sketch comedy collection that will tackle pranks, parodies and more. The show is appropriately called The Coddett Project. There are currently 2 episode 1s available on the site but, obviously, I'll be sticking to the music based joints.

The first up is Moronika and her "Make It Ash" music video. The fictional character, which may or may not be loosely based on a real life female rapper, has so much money to burn that she doesn't make it rain on heads... she makes it ASH! Even her dress is made out of money. Ballllllliiiiiin'!

Have fun with this joint! It's a great start to start your Wednesday. Look for new episodes every Tuesday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

KasFlow - "Frozen Food Section" feat. M. Wise Music Video

Newcomer KasFlow first caught my attention with his music video for "Run 'Em Up" a few weeks ago. I don't remember where I saw it but I do remember it. I also remember "Mosquitos." Both joints show a clearly defined young artist with a style and delivery that is almost 20 years old but brand new again.

Kas' latest release "Frozen Food Section" continues the trend of  90s inspired, jazz sample laced, smooth flow tracks. While it all sounds laid back and easy, it's actually well thought out and intricate rhyming. KasFlow's ability is advanced and his ear is in another time and place. It's really dope to see an artist truly enjoying the music he's creating. Nothing is just for show. Every lyric is spit with conviction and the energy is transcendent.

"Frozen Food Section" is strong material. Check the video below and zone out...

Monday, April 22, 2013

Shane Eli - "Die Alone" Music Video

This will without a doubt be the best 4 minutes of your Monday. Meet Shane Eli. Cali based MC, producer, and songwriter among other things. While the other things are important to his backstory, for now, just sit with this new track and music video "Die Alone."

"Die Alone" is a truly standout work. The songwriting is fantastic, the groove is perfect, Jason Caesar is spot on on the hook and the video treatment and execution... flawless. Shane Eli is a shocker and I'm mad that I'm just learning about his music.

Embryo put together a gripping cinematic experience for the song that tells the story of a chance million dollar windfall, deception and murder. The track is pulled from the upcoming release 'Enough Love' which as of right now has no street date. (In the meantime check out previous releases here.)

You will LOVE this joint...

Friday, April 19, 2013

Klaviar - "HealingPain" Music Video

In the midst of all of the chaos that has ensued since the bombs exploded at the Boston Marathon, there have been deaths, tears, pain and so many unanswered questions. It is times like these when art and music can sort of make some sense of the madness and help heal some of the pain.

Songwriter and director Klaviar is the first to touch on the subject publicly with this beautiful music video for the aptly titled "HealingPain." Clearly crafted before the Boston tragedy, Klaviar tastefully carries the theme of healing over and leaves a strong visual imprinted on viewers' minds that has you rethink the entire lyric.

Though not entirely new to my radar, I was unaware that Klaviar is a songwriter. He first popped up as director for Madison's "As the World Turns" music video. Now, he's flexing both skills (at the same damn time) and doing so with skill. This is a really strong work on both fronts and I'm really impressed. Fans of The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, etc. will really find something to latch onto.

You already know...

Klaviar - HealingPain (Official Music Video) from King Klaviar on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

KaliRaps - "Can I Live"

"Can I Live" is the first single from the mixtape "Who I Am" which hit the web just over a day ago. Obviously repping California, KaliRaps talks to his listeners about his personal truth as seen and experienced in his lifetime. He briefly touches on some socio-economic issues but primarily harps on his abilities being better than the rest.

KaliRaps is a talented MC. His style is easy to digest but I'm sitting here going through his catalog and it's clear that he has genuine range and lyrical skill. While "Who I Am" may be a bit dated in places it doesn't take much away from the project as a whole. This mixtape is pretty much a short history lesson on KaliRaps' career. Fans new and old alike should be looking forward to the upcoming debut album 'Mr. Misunderstood.'

Check the stream and free download below...

Monday, April 15, 2013

Tone M - "Insecurities"

I first met Tone M probably a year ago. As he is a bit of an introvert, we didn't talk much but he reached out to me later with a project of his called 'Konshu's Odyssey.' It was a respectable project but a bit too cryptic in it's presentation.

Some time later, we met again at a recording session in Brooklyn. After the session, Tone played the "Insecurities" instrumental on his laptop and spit the verses live for me. I was thoroughly impressed. It was a complete 180 from what I had heard from him before. He had stopped rapping at people and started rapping to them. I made a point to let him know to send me the track when it was ready.

Well, here it is! Tone M hit the nail on the head with "Insecurities" and demands that he be respected as a bona fide MC. The lo-fi Jazz sample is the perfect soundscape to his laid back flow and puts the listener in a dream space. This joint feels good in the bones.

Check the stream and download below and be on the lookout for Tone M in the future.

Ghostwridah - "Prescription"

It's really just a matter of time. Ghostwridah has a once in a generation skill set that is guaranteed to propel him to superstardom. Lyricism, flow, content, production, consistency... he lacks nothing. Ever since he jumped onto radars everywhere with "Red Bottoms" it's been an onslaught of truly inspired music.

Well into his next Michael Jordan inspired project titled 'Flu Game', Ghostwridah gives us "Prescription" today via his twitter account. Well known for his elaborate concepts and storytelling, "Prescription" takes us through the prognosis and cure for everything wack in Rap right now.

Check the stream and download below and get ready for 'Flu Game' on May 27th.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Neak - "A.M.N.R." Music Video

image via www.thewordisbond.com

The signature soul fueled sound of Chicago Rap is unmistakeable. It just has a certain "Ism" as GLC would put it. In the way of the major names in Rap from Chicago before him, Neak puts together his own take on pimpin' on wax.

With "A.M.N.R." Neak brings a little Trill to Chi City. The flow is laid back and he mixes up the cadence a ton to keep it interesting. I dig the production and visual on this one. No attachment to any project for this track so it's just a little joint to keep y'all going until 'Paura/Amore' releases.

Check out the video below and free stream and download afterwards.   

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Substantial - 'Jackin' Jill'

Get ready for the brilliantly executed free release from Substantial called, 'Jackin' Jill.' It's easily one of the most inspired and complete projects available right now. It's pretty much perfect in every way.

Two years ago, the prolific DMV writer and educator had a brush with that scary monster called cancer. Thankfully, he was able to get some preventative work done and is now back on the healthy track. During that period, however, he used the time to conceptualize and execute 'Jackin' Jill.' The project, obviously, is a collection of beats based on various Jill Scott samples and Substantial lays his heavy vocals and silky rhymes on top for 17 tracks of pure magic.

"Stan" is greatly inspired by Jill Scott's work and you can hear, see and FEEL the love through every bar and beat of this album. Even the album cover is personally drawn!

'Jackin' Jill' is a fantastic body of work and you NEED this in your playlist. I know my BBQ parties are going to be backed by this all spring and summer. Grab the download below...

Monday, April 8, 2013

SK - "Somebody Tell 'Em"

The Philly beat bully SK is back already with another bar heavy joint called "Somebody Tell 'Em." No gimmicks at all here. Just stripped down grimey Hip-Hop.

Producer Pickee P was apparently trying to pop a speaker with this one. When the 808 hits it HITS! The vintage piano loop leaves the perfect amount of space for SK to talk that talk and let the world know that he's here. It gives me the image of a jook joint fight in the early 1900s. I'm talking throwing stools, smashing bottles and brandishing knives. I love the way SK blends old and new and keeps it all rugged.

For all of the tough talk in Rap on the radio, it SOUNDS like clouds and cushions. Props to SK for keeping that "straight no chase" alive and well. Free stream and download on deck. You know the drill...

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Fjer - 'A New Start' EP

Meet Danish born singer Fjer. The singer, songwriter and producer recently relocated to New York, signed a deal with new imprint Quintic and released this 6 song EP, 'A New Start.' If you're one of those "this is my year" bots, you're already behind schedule. Fjer is puttin' in WORK.

The soul infused vocals of Fjer over bass heavy electro beats is like Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey. Very easy to digest but the content is no joke. From the opening note of "Long Nights" (my favorite track) she draws you in. She then has her way with your sensibilities and then finally drops you off in deep space on "Against the World." It's really dope music with great range.

The intro has a Bjork like feel and the title track "A New Start" is very Imogen Heap in approach but overall Fjer has solidly established herself as an individual. I'm looking forward to hearing a full on project and hearing how she marries her Danish roots to her new life here in America.

Free stream and name your price download of the EP below...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brandon Rossi - "Pure at Heart"

"Pure at Heart" is the latest release from one of Atlanta's best kept secrets Brandon Rossi. The master of trap meets trend (I coined that myself.) shows time and time again that he has legitimate chops on the mic and on the boards.

The highly stylized sound and flow on this joint is just stupid. Brandon Rossi delivers his verses with perfect cadence that has just a pinch of Andre 3000 in it. It's very easy to get lost in the graceful production and rhythm but double back and listen to the lyrics. He is sharp. Very sharp.

Dope leak from the forthcoming 'Lost World' album. Though not pegged as a single, it certainly plays like one. Stream and download below...

Bad Rabbits - "Doin' It" Music Video

I always hear that the proverbial "they" don't make 'em like this anymore. Well, Bad Rabbits is proof that "they" do.

Taking inspiration from the sights of the 70's and sounds of the 80's the funk/soul/punk/rhythm and blues band Bad Rabbits gives another amazing song and visual called "Doin' It." The track is a grab from their full length album 'American Love' releasing May 14th.

It's an otherworldly mashup of melodies and harmonies that moves straight past your ears and makes a speedy detour down to your ass. These guys are really in their own lane and I LOVE IT! I haven't been this excited about a funk band since Mint Condition. Bad Rabbits are the next big deal.

Check out the video below and dust off your Cabbage Patch dance...

Monday, April 1, 2013

SK - "The Jab"

The jab. The single most important punch in boxing. You establish a strong jab and even if you don't have incredible knockout power, you can still win on points by beating your opponent with an effective jab. SK uses this analogy brilliantly to compare the art of Rap with boxing on "The Jab." The comparison works perfectly as both skills are bloodsport. If you want to win, you have to beat the next man.

In Rap, you have the chorus, verse and bridge. In boxing you have the hook, jab and uppercut. Follow me for a second with this in mind...

The chorus is the punch that hits you from the blind side. A repetitive punch that is effective but still not as important as the jab. You hit somebody with a strong chorus and they will remember it. The verse is the meat and potatoes of rhyming. If you can't put together quality verses time and time again, you can't be great. Ask any champion. Then there is the bridge. If you've mastered a complete combination, the bridge will take your attack to the next level and put your opponent on his ass.

SK puts on for Philly with this track. I'm ALL IN on this joint! Stream and download below.

Baiyu - "Cold Hearted"

Success isn't easy. It takes a largely selfish type of commitment that most people can't handle. Just think about the most successful people in any craft. They all were/are deeply committed to their craft. Whether it be art, or sports or fashion, the most successful of the bunch generally sacrifice many other things to give the proper time and energy to honing their skills.

Likely, the most challenging thing to balance with success is love. Relationships are difficult enough on their own but that difficulty is multiplied many times over when coupled with ambition. Love and success often become adversaries in competition for attention.

Baiyu tackles this theme in her new monthly release "Cold Hearted." Easily one of the most personable and genuine people I've ever met, Baiyu quips, "A lot of times people are intrigued by my lightheartedness despite everything I've been tasked and blessed with in life. At the same time, somehow I feel very closed in and hardened when it comes to love.

Check the stream and free download below. Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DeLon - "Pretty Girls"

This track comes by way of Los Angeles based rapper and producer DeLon. "Pretty Girls" is a grab from his upcoming album '1st Gen.' The title '1st Gen' refers to his first generation Sri Lankan American heritage.

DeLon has already had some major successes in his career but is looking to make a stronger stamp here in the US. While he's a relative unknown here, he's had 4 songs chart in Sri Lanka. Very impressive.

"Pretty Girls" is a fun track. It's radio ready groove and John Legend-esque hook are super catchy. I was singing along by the second chorus. DeLon does a solid job on the verses. It's all high energy and neat wordplay. Nothing spectacular but clean. I just really enjoy the overall feel of the track. It's put together exceptionally well.

Check out the free stream and download below...

Friday, March 22, 2013

Chill Moody - "One Shot" feat. Beano Music Video

Pardon the late pass on this joint but it's too ill to not share. I found this track looking for new work from Beano and happened across this music video.

Chill Moody and Beano are underground staples in West Philly. While I haven't followed either artist closely, I've been aware of them for quite some time. The first time I heard Beano, I actually saw him perform live and I was impressed with his talent and ability.Obviously that stuck with me.

"One Shot" is one of two tracks that the two collaborated on for Chill's January release 'RFM' (Running From Myself). The first thing that will stand out to you is the storytelling. It almost seems as if the song was written specifically to shoot this video! Then you'll note (provided you're either 1. Old enough to remember. or 2. Well versed in the culture.) the influence and homage to Biz Markie's "Just a Friend." It's done brilliantly and gives me a great feeling.

Both Chill Moody and Beano killed this one! The whole experience is self explanatory so just hit the play button and love this record. Free stream and download of 'RFM' below the video. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

YC the Cynic - "Hallelujah"

Since the release of 'Fall FWD', almost 2 years ago, fans of Bronx native YC the Cynic have been hearing a lot about his upcoming project called 'GNK.' He finally took to Kickstarter last year to get the project fully off the ground and was successful so now we have a window of "this summer."

To get listeners acclimated to his new sound and artistic direction he hit us with "Hallelujah" this morning through MTV Hive. The track showcases a more aggressive but no less witty and poetic YC the Cynic. This feels much more commercially viable for me and I'm glad to see and hear him evolve as an artist. The DJ Illanoiz produced track is simple and eerie so it's a great compliment to YC's complex rhyme structure and content. He doesn't need an overproduced track to carry him.

I'm very much looking forward to 'GNK' anyway but this joint definitely ups the anticipation. Check out the free stream and download below...

Friday, March 15, 2013

Apollo the Great - "5AM Eastern Time"

Apollo the Great is an inspired MC. The way it should be. He's talking about real grit and true crime like nobody else. See, Apollo is from Camden, New Jersey. Consistently one of the most dangerous and poor cities in America. A city where half of it's police force were laid off late last year because they didn't have enouch presence, control or effect. They needed to bring in a non union force and double their presence. How can you not rap about that?

Taking the instrumental from Drake's "5AM in Toronto," Apollo gives more of that Camden scary tales raw that is his staple. It's dark and street but clearly based in remarkable skill and true hunger for an escape.

Check out the free stream and download below. His latest album, 'Hennessy Diaries,' is available now on iTunes.


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mistah F.A.B. - "This Is What's Cool?" Music Video

image via XXL

Social responsibility. A seemingly entirely lost idea in Rap music. The content is out there but online outlets, program directors and record labels don't give it any play. Instead we're constantly bombarded with sex, drugs and violence. A host of variations on the same exact theme. Every time. Without fail. Yet, for all of the repetitive garbage, people buy it. These labels spend millions promoting it and we give it all back to them plus some.

The art of Rap was replaced by the business of Rap. 

Mistah F.A.B. is a very interesting artist to me because he was a part of the problem and then made the conscious decision to become part of the solution. I couldn't tolerate the music that made him famous but I'm completely behind his new material. The Bay Area staple has pointed his lyricism to more socially responsible content in spite of knowing it won't spread the way his earlier music did. That's the mark of a real man, a God inspired soul and an exemplary father. 

In "This Is What's Cool?" he tackles the ridiculousness of the fascination with death and destruction in his hometown of Oakland (and every neighborhood like it.) It's an important message that used to have a much more prominent place in Hip-Hop. Rap music should uplift up more people than the very few who profit from selling sex, drugs and death. But "that's the type of shit niggas really think is cool..."

I'm 100% here for this effort, Mistah F.A.B. Thank you for doing what is just and exemplary for your children and others! 

Check out the video below and SUPPORT THIS MAN! The game needs it.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Leikeli47 - "$$$ Ina-Bind" Music Video

What the hell is this? Who? How? When? I don't even know where to begin with this one!

Meet Leikeli47. Yes, that is her name.... I don't know what to tell you. It's pronounced leh-kay-lee. That's all I know.

This one came through via the stylish fellows over at Stuff Fly People Like. I am completely mesmerized by everything I saw and intrigued by everything I did not see. This girl is OUTTA HERE! She is dopeness on a stick... in a mask. You haven't seen or heard anything like this since Missy Elliott was at the peak of her career and Leikeli47 is going to establish a whole new movement in Hip-Hop culture. That "it" factor that people always talk about? Yeah.

I seriously don't know what to say. I'll only end up gushing superlatives so just watch this joint IMMEDIATELY

I have a link to the mixtape but I'll post it later. I need time to get my senses back after this...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Madison - "As the World Turns" Music Video

Fresh out of the frying pan we have the first music video from RoxFontaine.com's Indie Album of the Year, Vanilla Sky. While pretty much any of the tracks from the project could make a great video, "As the World Turns" get the first crack at a visual treatment.

The video does a great job of complimenting the dark and brooding mood of the song. The song itself is one of my favorite tracks from the album. I really enjoy the direct nature of the lyricism and the honesty in the expression. Madison has a sound and delivery all his own that is backed up by genuine artistic vision. To be able to write is one thing, but to write, see and hear with such distinction is special.

Check out the video below. Be sure to click that HD button...

Madison - As The World Turns from King Klaviar on Vimeo.