Friday, March 15, 2013

Apollo the Great - "5AM Eastern Time"

Apollo the Great is an inspired MC. The way it should be. He's talking about real grit and true crime like nobody else. See, Apollo is from Camden, New Jersey. Consistently one of the most dangerous and poor cities in America. A city where half of it's police force were laid off late last year because they didn't have enouch presence, control or effect. They needed to bring in a non union force and double their presence. How can you not rap about that?

Taking the instrumental from Drake's "5AM in Toronto," Apollo gives more of that Camden scary tales raw that is his staple. It's dark and street but clearly based in remarkable skill and true hunger for an escape.

Check out the free stream and download below. His latest album, 'Hennessy Diaries,' is available now on iTunes.


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