Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kaori in the City

My friend Kaori made the long journey from Japan to vacation in NY on the 14th.  For two weeks I intend to rip and run through the city with her.  I will document as much as is relevant here so be sure to come back regularly and look for KITC posts.

I first met Kaori 10 or 11 years ago.  She worked as a bar hop for my wife and me in Japan.  She was a "country bumpkin" by Japan's standards then.  We used to laugh at how innocent and naive she was at the time.  Now she's all grown up but still has a heart of gold.  She loves to laugh and joke and spending 5 minutes with her would light up your week.

Last night we hit 123 Burger.  After downing a few sliders and some fries, I introduced her to game of Beer Pong.  She took an L at my hands and then got put on her ass by some shots of "Panty Droppers" while waiting for her next turn.  My boy Riddle Fontaine and I defended our Beer Pong crown 4 times before calling it quits on the night. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Random Pics pt. 4

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The View

True colors don't necessarily paint pretty pictures.  It's all in the view.  The minds eye can project images that may or may not be grounded in reality.  So is anything we see real?  You can close your eyes and still "see" any object you have ever viewed in your lifetime.  As long as you have the memory of a person, place or thing you can "see" it.

I bring this up because over the weekend, I realized I had a view that was not based in reality.  Until we connect what we see to what we feel, our view is just a mental projection.  This applies to anything that we can "see".  There are "artists" in this world that may not understand this concept intellectually but know how to manipulate others using their own mental projections against them.  They take advantage of others by painting an abstract image so that the spectators "see" one thing when a thorough examination of the work reveals an entirely different image.

Take what you see and attach it to what you feel.  If the two don't mate well, then something is wrong.  Let no "artist" manipulate your view.  Be thorough in your examinations so that you see the truth.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy...

The date on my file on my laptop is November 2007.  It was probably much earlier than that when I first created it though.  I had an idea as clear as expensive vodka in mind.  The idea was for an Air Jordan II made of premium materials.  I worked my idea up the best way I knew how at the time and detailed everything clearly.  I pitched the idea to pretty much anyone that would listen but the consensus seemed to be that the shoe was not a good idea and apparently only I could visualize it. 

I was working with a basic color editor on a website so I couldn't create the actual colors I was seeing, but this is the original image.  The colors I saw in my head were actually much darker.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered this recently announced Air Jordan II while combing the internet today!

Call me crazy, but....

Cleveland's Got Sole

I made my first trip to Cleveland this weekend.  I woke up at 4 am on Friday morning, picked up 3 friends and drove 8 hours west for Cleveland's Got Sole.  This was the 2nd time around for this event and it was a huge success for the people that took the time and effort to put it together.  The event raised money for the LeBron James Family Foundation, which sponsors family events to promote education and fitness.  The event raised over $5,000 for the charity.

The mood was set by DJ Terry Urban spinning while vendors and collectors sold and displayed sneakers, tees and other sneaker related goods.

The Cleveland Cavaliers donated items to be raffled and auctioned off in support of CGS.  Items included player exclusive sneakers from Jamario Moon and Anthony Parker, an autographed Shaquille O'neal jersey and Akron Skills Academy basketball shoes.  Local boutiques and brands also donated t-shirts, stickers, gift cards and other sneakers.  There was plenty given away to lucky winners.  I even won an autographed pair of Kirk Heinrich Olympic player exclusive shoes!

Thanks to the entire Cleveland's Got Sole team.  Special thanks are in order for Kevin and Andrew.  Catch them on twitter: @ClevlndsGotSole