Saturday, April 17, 2010

Kaori in the City

My friend Kaori made the long journey from Japan to vacation in NY on the 14th.  For two weeks I intend to rip and run through the city with her.  I will document as much as is relevant here so be sure to come back regularly and look for KITC posts.

I first met Kaori 10 or 11 years ago.  She worked as a bar hop for my wife and me in Japan.  She was a "country bumpkin" by Japan's standards then.  We used to laugh at how innocent and naive she was at the time.  Now she's all grown up but still has a heart of gold.  She loves to laugh and joke and spending 5 minutes with her would light up your week.

Last night we hit 123 Burger.  After downing a few sliders and some fries, I introduced her to game of Beer Pong.  She took an L at my hands and then got put on her ass by some shots of "Panty Droppers" while waiting for her next turn.  My boy Riddle Fontaine and I defended our Beer Pong crown 4 times before calling it quits on the night. 

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