Sunday, April 11, 2010

Call Me Crazy...

The date on my file on my laptop is November 2007.  It was probably much earlier than that when I first created it though.  I had an idea as clear as expensive vodka in mind.  The idea was for an Air Jordan II made of premium materials.  I worked my idea up the best way I knew how at the time and detailed everything clearly.  I pitched the idea to pretty much anyone that would listen but the consensus seemed to be that the shoe was not a good idea and apparently only I could visualize it. 

I was working with a basic color editor on a website so I couldn't create the actual colors I was seeing, but this is the original image.  The colors I saw in my head were actually much darker.

Imagine my surprise when I encountered this recently announced Air Jordan II while combing the internet today!

Call me crazy, but....

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