Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Villa - "Stackin Mansions"

Villa's brand strength steadily increases. I always know what to expect from him and producer Brandon Rossi but I never know how it will play out exactly and that's a great thing! The sound is stamped. The flow is perfected. The delivery is strong. That's all around win.

With his new single "Stackin Mansions" Villa continues on his retelling of his rise from obscurity to popularity and all of the pitfalls that come along with the new status. He has a slick way of talkin' that ish and then flipping it around to show that the "extra" is a byproduct of the work and not a goal.

Free stream and download below. Get some.

Rashid Hadee - "Out the Vault"

'Out the Vault' is Rashid Hadee's collection of scrapped material from various projects spanning 4 years of work. I can assure you that there is nothing that says throwaway about this project though. The "all-in-one" record machine has a great collection of previously unheard work that plays from start to finish with ease.

After reading the press release, I expected to hear a bunch of dated material that wouldn't really strike any particular cord for anyone that isn't a die-hard Rashid Hadee fan. To the contrary, it's a timeless group of fantastic lyricism and soulful sample based production that carries the listener away on a cloud of emotion.

Rashid does a great job of doing the Windy City tradition proud and 'Out the Vault' stands up well, even as a "fan project." Definitely check out the stream and download below.