Friday, May 10, 2013

S.K. - "I Just Came to Ball"

Do you remember when Stephen Curry took relative unknown Davidson to the Midwest Regional Final against powerhouse, and subsequent tournament champions, Kansas? He single handedly busted millions of tournament pick 'em brackets, including mine.

Stephen Curry is still killing 'em quietly. I mean, it's no secret that he's one of the best guards playing in the NBA today but he still doesn't have the top billing that a LeBron James or Kobe Bryant or even Chris Paul has. None of the fanfare matters however. Steph Curry comes to ball. Every. Single. Night.

Like Steph Curry, (S.K.'s example, not mine.) S.K. just came to ball in the Rap game. The noise may be here or there for this artist or that one but S.K. is a silent assassin in his own right. Sent in late yesterday for his Thursday Takeover series, "I Just Came to Ball" is another savage attack from the Philly native MC.  

He has bars for days, the voice of a Spartan and an incredible ear for beats. This joint is certified Hip-Hop! Get some...

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Exclusive: Rubie Evans - "It's Okay"

I've been listening to a lot of down tempo music in recent weeks so this track is right on time. I had no idea what to expect going into this track. Rubie Evans is entirely new to my radar, but that is the greatest joy in doing what I do. I get all sorts of surprises that can change a moment, a day, maybe even a life.

Rubie Evans is a New York City based singer and songwriter looking to take Uptown upstage. Her single, "It's Okay" really stopped me. I was taken aback by the calm and quiet of it all. Without all of the excess, I was really able to get into the truth of the song. That is not an easy thing to do. To be this private in public is always beautiful...

...and beautiful best describes this song. Rubie does a fantastic job with this track. Though there were some technical issues for me, it didn't matter. This girl can sing and this song is dope! The melody and sentiment trump any other issues.

The track is pulled from her forthcoming 'MISSunderstood' album due this summer. No date has been set as of yet. You already know to stay tuned to for updates. Hold on to this in the meantime...

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brandon Rossi & Villa - "Friends & Foes"

These guys are sounding like the blueprint for cool. A truly original sound, creative lyricism and genuine camaraderie make for one of the most interesting independent duos in the game right now. Brandon Rossi and Villa are puttin' on for the ATL!

"Friends and Foes" is super fly. "Plair" as Villa would say. I've been covering these two for quite some time and this track really jumps out at me. Reason being, this is the first time I've heard Brandon's production devoid of his signature big pads full of reverb and/or super heavy 808 drums. This cut is perfectly quiet. Balanced and strong on groove.

As is par for the course, Villa talks super slick through the verse. I mean, only he could use crustaceans so effortlessly in a rhyme. Brandon Rossi gets his propers too. He swagged all over this with flow after flow. This is easily one of the best joints they've dropped ever.

I mess with this hardbody. Dig in y'all...

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Velous - "Larger Than Life" Music Video

When I first saw the making of teaser for "Larger Than Life" I was already all in on the track. Velous is an amazing musician and his production is off the damn charts. He's a multi-instrumentalist and he has real chops as a singer. Put that together with an impeccable ear for space, timing and what speaks to the ass and you have what you are about to hear.

Velous has been a hot topic on the blog scene. He's been featured everywhere and highly regarded as the next best thing on the R&B circuit. While there is a strong offering of male soloists in the mainstream right now, I think Velous is a serious contender. Much in the way that Ryan Leslie has his corner of the market, Velous is the same type of talent. He can do anything he wants to do.

This track is soooooo ridiculous, y'all. This dude is outta here...

Exclusive: Aviant Redz - "Boudit Ambitions"

This track was difficult to listen to. Then I remembered that, often times, the most beautiful art expresses some of the ugliest truths. "Boudit Ambitions" is a dark tale of a girl who is sexually promiscuous for the sake of financial gain. While the approach is explicit, it's fitting and timely. While objectifying women is nothing new, it is further perpetuated in this age of reality TV. Many young women are objectifying themselves to meet the TVs standard of celebrity and sexy.

What made the track so difficult to digest was the fact that South Floridian artist Aviant Redz is just 16 years old. This is the cold reality that our young people live in today. So while the content is shocking, Aviant's awareness is impressive. He has strong ability and vision.

I first told you to look out for him back in February. Now I'm telling you that this young man is a true artist. I hope he has the right team around him to get him to the next level.

Check the stream below and remember where you heard it first...

Skyzoo - "Range Rover Rhythm" Music Video

Brooklyn wunderkind Skyzoo hit us with another music video from his 'A Dream Deferred' album yesterday via MTV. You can always expect stellar work from Skyzoo and this is no exception lyrically and sonically. Jahlil Beats (Holla at me!) handles the production and Sky gives his standard (but not standard) never ending cadence.

The video was all too literal for my tastes but the visual is clean and the song is dope. "Range Rover Rhythm" is as complex and intricate as the best of any Skyzoo song so you can easily ignore the visual and zone out to the sound.

Check it out for yourself and if you haven't heard 'A Dream Deferred' something is wrong with you.  

Monday, May 6, 2013

Marck Jai - "Let's Get It"

Let me start off by saying this: Please explain to me why this artist doesn't have at least a single deal off of this song. Somebody. Anybody.

Apparently, the track is finally getting proper promo and I'll take it late over never in this case. Newcomer Marck Jai has a legitimate hit record on his hands with "Let's Get It." The song is a tribute to Michael Jackson and will truly shock you. In 99.9% of cases, you just don't touch Michael Jackson. Especially as a rapper. However, Marck Jai has done something truly special with this track.

The song marries a medley of Michael Jackson hits with the trap sound. I would never expect this to work but this track is flat out incredible! Marck and producer Jai Bake display amazing songwriting skills and creativity. This is a really big record that should be getting support from coast to coast.

Hit the play button and prepare to be amazed...

Exclusive: Bugatti Biggz - "Big Talk" Music Video

Harlem's best kept secret is stepping out from the shadows and looking to put a mark on the NY Hip-Hop scene. We first brought you the stellar release "Insanity." Now we have the music video for "Big Talk." 

Bugatti Biggz is something else. The sound, the aggressiveness, the beats... we haven't heard anything like this in a long time in NY. He sounds like New York and New York only! No crossover, trap, southern drawl or Cali swag here. Just the concrete and cold sound of Uptown.

This track knocks for real and Bugatti Biggz is a problem. Check the video out and keep your eyes and ears open for this guy.