Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Brandon Rossi & Villa - "Friends & Foes"

These guys are sounding like the blueprint for cool. A truly original sound, creative lyricism and genuine camaraderie make for one of the most interesting independent duos in the game right now. Brandon Rossi and Villa are puttin' on for the ATL!

"Friends and Foes" is super fly. "Plair" as Villa would say. I've been covering these two for quite some time and this track really jumps out at me. Reason being, this is the first time I've heard Brandon's production devoid of his signature big pads full of reverb and/or super heavy 808 drums. This cut is perfectly quiet. Balanced and strong on groove.

As is par for the course, Villa talks super slick through the verse. I mean, only he could use crustaceans so effortlessly in a rhyme. Brandon Rossi gets his propers too. He swagged all over this with flow after flow. This is easily one of the best joints they've dropped ever.

I mess with this hardbody. Dig in y'all...

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