Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Exclusive: Aviant Redz - "Boudit Ambitions"

This track was difficult to listen to. Then I remembered that, often times, the most beautiful art expresses some of the ugliest truths. "Boudit Ambitions" is a dark tale of a girl who is sexually promiscuous for the sake of financial gain. While the approach is explicit, it's fitting and timely. While objectifying women is nothing new, it is further perpetuated in this age of reality TV. Many young women are objectifying themselves to meet the TVs standard of celebrity and sexy.

What made the track so difficult to digest was the fact that South Floridian artist Aviant Redz is just 16 years old. This is the cold reality that our young people live in today. So while the content is shocking, Aviant's awareness is impressive. He has strong ability and vision.

I first told you to look out for him back in February. Now I'm telling you that this young man is a true artist. I hope he has the right team around him to get him to the next level.

Check the stream below and remember where you heard it first...

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