Monday, May 6, 2013

Marck Jai - "Let's Get It"

Let me start off by saying this: Please explain to me why this artist doesn't have at least a single deal off of this song. Somebody. Anybody.

Apparently, the track is finally getting proper promo and I'll take it late over never in this case. Newcomer Marck Jai has a legitimate hit record on his hands with "Let's Get It." The song is a tribute to Michael Jackson and will truly shock you. In 99.9% of cases, you just don't touch Michael Jackson. Especially as a rapper. However, Marck Jai has done something truly special with this track.

The song marries a medley of Michael Jackson hits with the trap sound. I would never expect this to work but this track is flat out incredible! Marck and producer Jai Bake display amazing songwriting skills and creativity. This is a really big record that should be getting support from coast to coast.

Hit the play button and prepare to be amazed...

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Anonymous said...

Love the song big ups to you bro!!