Monday, July 23, 2012

Bueller Da Don - "Testi-Fly"

Listen ... the simplest way for me to put this is this track is TOUGH! I raise my right hand, put my left hand on Hip-Hop and bear witness to the testimony.

Bueller Da Don is gettin' out of hand. Every time I hear him it sounds like he's aged 5 years in experience. The confidence. The delivery. The ear. Out of control.

"Testi-fly" is another in a series of stellar releases since "Cruise 2 Fame." (A project that's still in my car, by the way. Disc 1.) On top of the highly enjoyable work that Buell is doing himself, there's Traxx Trigga. This dude is a m-o-n-s-t-e-r with the production. Many producers don't learn to create epic structures on a pro level until they get to the pro level. Think about what Kanye, Swizz, Just Blaze and others like them sounded like in the beginning. They were clearly very good but they grew to be epic. Traxx is epic already. He's dropping stadium beats and Bueller Da Don is hitting everything out of the park.

A lot of these major label artists need to step it up. These indie artists are on your asses!

Check the free stream below. Support independents and cop the single on iTunes TOMORROW!

Stixx - "For My Town" Music Video

image via artist's website

It's been a while since I last heard from Stixx. I like that he's taking time with his work to craft top notch material though. A lot of artists don't understand that. Quality over quantity is much easier said than done.

In the same vein as January's "New York Love" video, Stixx continues to put on for The Big Apple with "For My Town." I don't have to explain to you the premise of the track. The visual is filled with New York staples though. Including a visit from NYPD. They were probably trying to shut down the shoot which was surely done without a license.

Stixx is as sharp as ever and I like his all around energy. "For My Town" is apparently on the upcoming 'Dom P and Cubans' album. No release date yet but I imagine that it will release before the close of summer. Get into it below...