Friday, February 22, 2013

Marz Lovejoy - "DOLO" Music Video

I wasn't having the most settled morning until I came across this music video from Marz Lovejoy in my inbox. I opened it up, followed the link and hit the play button. 30 seconds later, whatever I was mad about had been forgotten and my demeanor changed from, "I'm about to slap the **** out of you." to "Yooooo, it's FRIDAY!"

"DOLO" is an 808 heavy mellowed out sing-songy tune that just screams California. It's all sunshine and good vibes and that's just what I needed this a.m. Marz Lovejoy is a truly unique character and the video does a great job of displaying her interesting mashup of styles and looks. Everything about this is dope.

As an aside: I have been captivated by this girl before. I recognized the O tattoo on her back because I've photgraphed it in NY. I was mesmerized by her energy and took quite a few shots of her.

Check out the fun video and look out for her upcoming album 'Elephant Soundz'...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Noah - "Namaste" Music Video

The young California king Noah is back with a visual for his previously released single "Namaste." The track is given a whole new life through this super cool technicolored music video that he shot and edited himself. I already thoroughly enjoyed this track and the video upped the ante significantly for me. I haven't seen a video this refreshing in a long time!

The video gives the feeling of a precursor to a digitized insurgence. The calm before the storm. "Namaste" translates, literally, to a bow to thee. You can't help but imagine martial artists bowing to each other before trying to tear their opponent's head off. The idea is further emphasized by the closing sounds of automatic rifles. Signaling that Noah's assault has begun. Brilliantly done, Noah. I see you.

Ch-ch-check it...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Ghostwridah - "All-Star Weekend"

Whether you've actually been to an NBA All-Star Weekend or not, it's common knowledge that it's more about the associated debauchery, drinking and drugs. Especially in more recent years as the events shine less and less.

People from all corners flock to whatever the host city is and, if only for a weekend, get to show out like no other time of year. Boys look to shine like NBA "ballers" and girls look to get "chose." It's a pretty pathetic scenario for the more level headed of us.

South Florida MC Ghostwridah has built into his brand impeccable timing. A preview of this track hit his twitter feed yesterday during half-time of the All-Star game. Today, we get the full track produced by frequent collaborator LowKey. He tells the cliche, but all too true story of how women lose themselves to "the lifestyle" of the rich and famous.

"All-Star Weekend" is 100% dope. Check the stream and free download below...

Narubi Selah - "Hookless 2" Music Video

Time out... I need time to catch my breath.

Narubi Selah: Poet, MC, activist, educator and actress. I would like to add savage beast to that list, if I may. After listening to "Hookless 2" a few times, I can't imagine a descriptor that is more fitting. She stomps all over this track and the production is hard body. This woman has BARS!

The subject matter in this joint is weighted but presented in a manner that's easily listenable. "Hookless 2" is the first single from her upcoming album titled, 'The Architect: Sacred Geometry.' Narubi gets busy as she disputes the Rap industry's fascination with Italian mobsters, drugs and other common Rap f**kery. Often times, I find that people approach this topic too "preachy" and without stand alone lyrical merit. NOT the case with Narubi Selah. I repeat; this woman has BARS!

Check out the video below. The sync is off at times, but otherwise decent video. Lyrics are paramount in this joint though, so I had to show it some love. Enjoy...