Monday, February 18, 2013

Narubi Selah - "Hookless 2" Music Video

Time out... I need time to catch my breath.

Narubi Selah: Poet, MC, activist, educator and actress. I would like to add savage beast to that list, if I may. After listening to "Hookless 2" a few times, I can't imagine a descriptor that is more fitting. She stomps all over this track and the production is hard body. This woman has BARS!

The subject matter in this joint is weighted but presented in a manner that's easily listenable. "Hookless 2" is the first single from her upcoming album titled, 'The Architect: Sacred Geometry.' Narubi gets busy as she disputes the Rap industry's fascination with Italian mobsters, drugs and other common Rap f**kery. Often times, I find that people approach this topic too "preachy" and without stand alone lyrical merit. NOT the case with Narubi Selah. I repeat; this woman has BARS!

Check out the video below. The sync is off at times, but otherwise decent video. Lyrics are paramount in this joint though, so I had to show it some love. Enjoy...

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