Monday, February 18, 2013

Ghostwridah - "All-Star Weekend"

Whether you've actually been to an NBA All-Star Weekend or not, it's common knowledge that it's more about the associated debauchery, drinking and drugs. Especially in more recent years as the events shine less and less.

People from all corners flock to whatever the host city is and, if only for a weekend, get to show out like no other time of year. Boys look to shine like NBA "ballers" and girls look to get "chose." It's a pretty pathetic scenario for the more level headed of us.

South Florida MC Ghostwridah has built into his brand impeccable timing. A preview of this track hit his twitter feed yesterday during half-time of the All-Star game. Today, we get the full track produced by frequent collaborator LowKey. He tells the cliche, but all too true story of how women lose themselves to "the lifestyle" of the rich and famous.

"All-Star Weekend" is 100% dope. Check the stream and free download below...

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