Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Noah - "Namaste" Music Video

The young California king Noah is back with a visual for his previously released single "Namaste." The track is given a whole new life through this super cool technicolored music video that he shot and edited himself. I already thoroughly enjoyed this track and the video upped the ante significantly for me. I haven't seen a video this refreshing in a long time!

The video gives the feeling of a precursor to a digitized insurgence. The calm before the storm. "Namaste" translates, literally, to a bow to thee. You can't help but imagine martial artists bowing to each other before trying to tear their opponent's head off. The idea is further emphasized by the closing sounds of automatic rifles. Signaling that Noah's assault has begun. Brilliantly done, Noah. I see you.

Ch-ch-check it...

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