Friday, February 22, 2013

Marz Lovejoy - "DOLO" Music Video

I wasn't having the most settled morning until I came across this music video from Marz Lovejoy in my inbox. I opened it up, followed the link and hit the play button. 30 seconds later, whatever I was mad about had been forgotten and my demeanor changed from, "I'm about to slap the **** out of you." to "Yooooo, it's FRIDAY!"

"DOLO" is an 808 heavy mellowed out sing-songy tune that just screams California. It's all sunshine and good vibes and that's just what I needed this a.m. Marz Lovejoy is a truly unique character and the video does a great job of displaying her interesting mashup of styles and looks. Everything about this is dope.

As an aside: I have been captivated by this girl before. I recognized the O tattoo on her back because I've photgraphed it in NY. I was mesmerized by her energy and took quite a few shots of her.

Check out the fun video and look out for her upcoming album 'Elephant Soundz'...

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