Friday, June 15, 2012

Baiyu - 'Hunter'

Primal. That is how I'd sum up this 3rd effort from Chinese born Soul singer Baiyu.

'Hunter' is a large departure from the wildly successful 'Fan Fair.' It's far more ambitious and incredibly bold. On this release, you really experience Baiyu pushing herself and the envelope from the album's open to its almost too brief close. Producer KQuick handles a large chunk of the album's production and he and Baiyu did a phenomenal job of keeping the main theme tied in across the whole project. Listeners truly get the feeling of being barefoot and sexy in the jungle.

'Fan Fair' was Baiyu's "testing the waters" release, 'Hunter' is the "I've arrived" release. The clear concept, stellar production and strong features all contribute to the brilliant flow of the album. I was all in from the opening 8 bars but "Make Believe" featuring American Idol season six contestant Paul Kim was my instant repeat track. While her duet with Boss star Rotimi is doing insane numbers around the web, "Make Believe" is the stronger offering in my book. There's a heft to it and striking melody/harmony component that is unmatched on the project. The rest of the album is a great blend of up and down tempo tracks.

The only gripe I had with the album was with some of the mixes. The sonic balance was off at times. A minor thing on an album good in a major way. Baiyu truly nailed the performances and writing for 'Hunter.' You already know this is Rox Fontaine approved or else you wouldn't be reading this.

Free stream and download link below and a brief recap of her album release party down bottom. Enjoy!

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Baiyu's album release party was held at Custo Barcelona in SOHO. The store was packed from wall to wall with tastemakers from all corners of the entertainment industry and I was fortunate enough to be on the scene taking in the sights and sounds. The event was hosted by Power 105.1 late night hostess Cherry Martinez and DJ Boof of The Wendy Williams Show. Sponsors included Vitamin Water, Ty Ku and Sprayground among a host of others. Check out these select photos from the night....

Baiyu making her entrance.

Par-City and Baiyu

Baiyu blows a kiss to ThisIs50's Jack Thriller.

DJ Boof and Baiyu give a B-Boy stance.

Spag-Lo (c.) and friends.

 Kelly Harper

Cherry Martinez and Baiyu


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

J.F. Brooks - "Lord Knows" Beat Violation Music Video

BiGCiTYBiGCiTY front man JF Brooks is gearing up for a concert event featured here on at Nightingale Lounge in NYC. To get fans fired up for the event, he releases this new "beat violation" and accompanying music video set to Drake's "Lord Knows" instrumental.

If I had to make this one of twitter's six word stories it would be: This $#!7 is off the chains!

Skilled, witty and aggressive. The winning formula for a true MC. JF Brooks is all of that and then some. Somewhere in Brooklyn, a rooftop was left burning after this. Listen below and definitely get into the show details if you're in the NYC area. Again, the flyer is posted on the right. ---->