Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Buckshot - "The Change Up"

Just a few short weeks after disclosing a joint project with Murs and 9th Wonder, Buckshot hits us with a new track and video ... at the same damn time. Sorry. I couldn't resist that one. It's still funny. (To me it is anyway.)

The track is from his 3rd joint release with 9th Wonder as sole producer titled 'The Solution.' The album is scheduled to drop on November 13th.

Whenever these two work together, it's quality material and "The Change Up" is no different. 9th Wonder works his usual soul sample and boom bap gold and Buckshot proves that he's still got chops in the booth. The two debuted the song on RedBullUSA.com and here's a look at it here.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Random Pics Pt. 21: Best of Comic Con 2012

I've never been to Comic Con before but I was basically forced to go this year. I actually enjoyed the event and ended up going back for a second day. There were TONS of costumes and while I got sick of seeing Fin/Fiona, Wonder Woman, Bane, and Robin, there were some very original and or creative people there that truly stood out in the crowd. Here are my favorites for Random Pics 21...

Weeping Angel from Doctor Who 

Garrus Vakarian 



Nightingales from Skyrim 

 Freija from Final Fantasy IX

Princess Tiana