Friday, June 18, 2010

Project People Foundation: Celebrating Life Concert

The Project People Foundation Celebrating Life benefit concert held at the Riverside Theater was an incredible experience.  I was reminded how powerful words can be by each artist that graced the stage.  It truly was a celebration of life and I'm honored to have been in the presence of such fine art.  Below are some of my favorite images captured from the night.  The full set can be viewed on my Flickr page.

If you're a fan of music, definitely check out these amazing artists' websites.  They are all amazing talents.

Cheryl Wills of NY1 News


Diana Solomon-Glover

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I was involved in a discussion on a web forum about whether physical discipline is OK or not.  I just wanted to share my response with a few more people:

There is NO substitute for active parenting. Hitting a child is an archaic lesson that is, unfortunately, still being taught today. When a child is actively parented the mutual respect earned by parent and child trumps any outside influences. If the relationship is healthy and nurturing, children seek nothing more than their parents' approval. Far too many parents spend far too much time limiting their children rather than teaching and encouraging them to explore and learn through trial and error.

I hit my son once in my lifetime and I regret that day dearly. Luckily for me, my son forgave me for it. Out of pure shock, I slapped him one day for punching his friend in the stomach. He hit the little boy so hard that he just crumbled and cried from having the wind knocked out of him. That action startled me so much as I'd never seen him be so aggressive and in a moment of clouded judgment I slapped him. This is a prime example of how hypocritical the lesson I thought I was teaching at that moment is. You hit someone; I'll hit you because hitting is wrong.

The lessons that should be taught are you don't do certain things because you want to be an outstanding human being. We indoctrinate our own children into the culture of fear long before the "world" can get to them. "If you don't get good grades, I'll beat you." How about, "If you don't get good grades, you can't live your dreams. Everything you want to achieve starts with school. School is your job. If you work, you earn. Just like I work to earn money, you work to earn better opportunities." Instead we preach fear and failure and disappointment until our children are so jaded that they are more terrified of success and accustomed to fear, failure and disappointment. Then they wear them as badges of honor. "I struggled to be mediocre!" Then, of course, the cycle repeats when they teach their children the same way.

I was a child that was hit. No, I did not turn out OK. I struggled with anger for a large part of my life and I'm still working on it. To this very day, I do not speak to my biological mother much because of that history. I'm so glad that I've been able to build a trusting relationship with my son based on RESPECT and not the darkness that I was raised on. It's a true blessing to watch him grow and excel. The only hands I lay on him are to lift him up!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

PackFM 'I F*cking Hate Rappers' Album Release Party

It was back to Brooklyn last night for PackFM's album release party.  Public Assembly was the venue and wack rappers were on the menu.  Pack and his special guests and label mates tore the house down!

If you have not heard this album, you are doing yourself a horrible disservice.  Hit up the IFHR site to listen to and download the lead single "Nasty" for free.  Buy the album and support independent Hip-Hop!  HipHopDX rates the album 4/5 stars.  Above Ground Magazine gave the album a near perfect rating, $19.00 out of $20.00, and called it "clearly one of the best albums of 2010."

Don't let the album's title fool you into thinking this is a bitter pity party.  This album is about preserving the art form and respecting the craft.   You will truly enjoy Pack's music if you give this incredible album a chance. 

Here are more photos from the party.  Of course, you can hop over to my Flickr page to view the full set.

PackFM & Mala Reignz

PackFM and Tonedeff

Mr. Mecca


Mala Reignz

Be sure to check out the QN5 website for more info on the artists and music.  Check out and follow PackFM here:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Wagon 2nd Anniversary Party

Brooklyn keeps on taking it...

To the next level, that is.  

It was a red carpet affair; invite only, for The Wagon's 2nd anniversary celebration.  The store was packed wall to wall, Union street was nearly shut down and The Wagon showed all in attendance how to do it B-I-G! 

The team at The Wagon really pulled out all the stops in celebration of life, health and young Black business.  It is phenomenal to see young entrepreneurs working together to create something greater than themselves.  I was truly inspired and proud of what they have accomplished.

DJ Velocity kicked off the evening with some hits from the south and several DJ's followed throughout the night with different sounds.  As the music played, guests drank and networked.  The open bar was leaking Moet Rose like BP operates a champagne business.

The Wagon, in collaboration with Good Wood, also released their limited edition necklace for the event.  Below, Spag talks about the piece for the camera.

Check out a couple more pics from the evening and then jump over to my Flickr account for the full set.

Fe Diddy of The Wagon

Masa of Sabit Clothing


 Choppin' through the block.

Monument Snowboards '10-'11 Preseason Bash

The last time I was in DC was back in 2005.  The trip was almost a complete disaster and I pretty much swore that I'd never go back.  I won't get into detail about it in this post but just think Murphy's Law.

Here it is 5 years later and I finally made my way back.  My friend Armani was celebrating his birthday along with Monument Snowboards.  I first met Armani in 2008 while on vacation.  He was working at the Burton outlet in Orlando and I was shopping there.  We began talking and discovered that we have quite a bit in common.  We've been in contact ever since.


He's since moved to DC and is now the Northeast Rep for Monument Snowboards.  In celebration of the upcoming season of products they held a party at Policy, showcasing the new boards.  Last years run was incredible and this year's graphics are just as unique and special.  Monument's network of artists create some of the most stunning graphics ever seen on snowboards.  What makes Monument so special is that they perfectly blend fine materials with fine art. 

'10-'11 Monument F.V.K
artwork by: Hisham Bharoocha

'10-'11 Monument BlackBlack
artwork by: Cleon Peterson

Monument '10-'11 Lookbook

I should have the high-res images of the entire product line up on Monday.  Definitely check back to see the rest of the boards.  If you're interested in getting a free lookbook, hit me up.