Friday, March 19, 2010

Justin Bua @ Pop International Gallery Promo

Justin Bua will be unveiling two new paintings at Pop International Gallery on March 25th.  The paintings are of Kool Herc and Jay-Z and certain to be hits in the pop art community.  He released this promotional video to the masses....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Know You Got Sole: The Music - Sean "Ope" Williams Interview

I got the opportunity to pick the brain of Sean "Ope" Williams, also known as "PaperChasr", about his work on the film Know You Got Sole and it's soundtrack.  This blog is one of several stops on his virtual tour through selected websites.  The album is available on iTunes, Rhapsody, and other digital music outlets.

RF: Was there a specific moment or event that sparked the idea to start the KYGS project? (Film and Music).  

SW: First of all, thanks to (you) for having me stop by your site for my Virtual Tour. I appreciate the love! The film started it all; after I saw a few videos online and I watched the film “Just for Kicks” I hated that movie so much (that) it sparked the plans for me to do 'Know You Got Sole'. Music has always been a part of my background; bringing the world artists like Benjamin Hooks, Pack FM, and Substantial. It was natural for music to be the added dimension. Especially with me being in production for 20 years.

RF: How did you choose the artists for this project? 

SW: I picked the artists for this project based on 2 things: 1. whether they are into kicks (on any level) and 2. How nice they are as MCs. My goal is to expose people in the sneaker world to artists I think they should hear. Whether they like them or not is of course up to them, but I think they will like what they hear.

RF: How long did it take you put the album together?

SW: This project took about a year and a half due to all the setbacks I had with the film, but I kept grinding with getting the right music for the film. I know I have the right folks on it.

RF: When did you know the album was finished?

SW: When all 10 of the artists I recruited delivered their songs and I heard the end result. I was confident everyone one of them would deliver.

RF: How do you define the KYGS soundtrack sound? 

SW: This is a very diverse sounding album that I am happy to listen to knowing that EVERY artist on it came at the subject (matter) completely differently. The two other producers I recruited for 2 of the songs also helped with that.

RF: People are really embracing the digital age.  How key has the internet been in marketing and promoting KYGS?

SW: Since sneaker culture is now married to the internet (and you know we at OSD know this very well) it only made sense to use social networking to keep both sneaker and music lovers locked in to the happenings with the album. They will be in tune with what happens on (many) levels with this project; on the film and the music side.

RF: What was/is your goal for KYGS?

SW: To give folks something besides the movie to remember the experience of KYGS. A lot of times folks see a movie and forget the music that was in it. I don’t want folks to do that, so I put the music out first. After the film..KYGS: The Music part 2 will be in the works.

RF: What separates KYGS from other sneaker documentaries?
SW: The subject matter that is addressed in this documentary will separate it from other films in a big way. Plus it’s an OSD project so folks expect us to (be) serious with the topics.

RF: What do you hope viewers learn from watching the film?

SW: To put it’s just sneakers, but if someone goes deep enough into them it’s (much) more than just sneakers. We’ll be speaking for a lot of people who have issues to address with footwear companies.

RF: What's next on the horizon for Ope Entertainment?

SW: Oh man...well my official return to music involves 4 more projects. An album from Benjamin Hooks (It’s about Time), Proper, Know You Got Sole 2 (after the movie drops), and then Napoleon Complex which is a collaboration between myself and 5ft of Black Moon. And pushing OSD to the next level in a big way!

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